4 Ways to Go Beyond the Trip for Your President’s Club

By: ITA Group
exclusive transportation for incentive travel attendees

Making it to the prestigious ranks of the President’s Club takes a lot of hard work and determination, which is why you want to reward those most dedicated employees with memorable experiences that are not soon forgotten.

When it comes to motivation, a President’s Club program functions a bit differently—more as a recognition program rather than an incentive program. It’s a status symbol achieved by top performers, and consequently any good President’s Club program should be built with this in mind.

Provide Value Before, During & After the Trip

While most are familiar with President’s Club members being rewarded with extravagant, all-expense-paid vacations, your President’s Club should be representative of your team’s culture and distinctive enough to be desirable.

Experiences connect us to our surroundings. But if winners are bogged down by home and personal responsibilities that prevent them from enjoying the trip, they won’t be able to make those emotional connections that lead to lasting memories. Most programs only consider the main prize; however, by including other exclusive smaller rewards like the examples below you can further drive consistent excitement and engagement.

1.  Leave Errand Worries at Home

A member of the President’s Club isn’t going to just wake up the day of the trip and board a plane. Any extra task-taking-on or chore-finishing duties that can be handled well ahead of time are all part of the travel experience.

And these life-administrative duties can all be accommodated by the organization.

Depending on the length of the trip, hire folks who can take care of the chores while participants are away. This might include someone to tackle outdoor tasks (mow lawn, clean gutters, wash windows, etc.), a pet-sitter, housecleaner, financial planner—whatever helps participants focus on the reward they’ve earned. Sometimes removing home stress is a vacation in itself. So inexpensive. So memorable.

Things you can add to your currently planned program:

dog sitter for incentive travel participants

2.  Minimal Packing Required

While on the trip, there are things attendees may need. So go ahead and gift them ahead of time. Have item(s) waiting in their hotel room—or arrange a pre-excursion shopping day complete with personal concierge to make sure they have everything they need for the trip.  

Depending on where your destination takes your attendees, you can provide:

  • Camping equipment, kayak, high-end bicycle, etc.
  • For a private boat castaway, prepare fishing gear, flippers, swimwear, goggles and sunglasses
  • For a horseback trail ride, offer cowboy boots and hats
  • For a birdwatching or stargazing trip, provide binoculars or, telescope

branded boots for incentive travel attendeesNote: If you’re gifting larger items, be sure and handle shipping logistics. That eliminates any stress immediately so your traveler has only the amazing reminder of their experience.

Clothing is another great option to offer. Many folks can’t help but pick up some new duds for an upcoming trip. So why not help them save money (and time) by providing a subscription to a clothing rental service. This option offers attendees access to popular fashion brands without the commitment.

Other ways to make the trip a little better? Convenient tech gifts for gadget gurus:

3.  Don’t Underestimate Personalized Recognition Experiences

Your employees worked hard to earn President’s Club. Take some time on the trip to thank them again, and remind them they are valued. Making participants feel special—whether it’s a token of appreciation or something larger—is a great way to tie the experience back to your organization. Take recognition a step further by providing personalized rewards. For example:

  • Offer private Italian leather glove fittings while in Italy
  • Bake the perfect croissant in a class led by a Michelin-star pastry chef in France
  • Set up high-end electronics, sunglasses, clothing or jewelry boutiques with experts who will work with winners one-on-one to help them select their choices

personalized gift boutique for incentive travel attendees

4. Leave Lasting Memories

In other words, it’s not over when it’s over. After attendees get home and the vacation high wears down, there may be culture shock. There may be jet lag. Or a hundred errands to run (though, not if you took our advice in #1). The first few days back after a long trip can be stressful.

Thoughts of “I need a vacation from my vacation,” come to mind. So why not give it to them? Depending on where they went, treat them to after-trip luxury:

  • Provide a basket of local food and snacks from the country or region visited
  • Upgrade the next trip’s plane tickets if they win again next year
  • Give a month’s worth of personal training or yoga sessions to get back to “real life”

local oils as incentive travel gift

Long-lasting memories are built through repetition. Organize a post-event seminar, survey your attendees or set up a photo-sharing contest to follow up on an incentive trip. Post-event activities shouldn’t necessarily relate only to those who were on the trip. Let them share their impressions at public events to boost awareness.

President’s Club programs are a great way to reward and recognize your top talent. Don’t shy away from upgrades and add-ons that turn moments into memories before and long after the trip.

Need more ideas for recognizing and rewarding your top performers? Follow the link to read 12 ideas that take your on-site recognition beyond branded keychains and umbrellas.

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