Year in Review: Top Channel Partner Program Resources of 2023

By: ITA Group

While we're excited to share our channel partner program predictions for 2024, it's important to take a moment to acknowledge the valuable information and insights that have empowered channel leaders to surpass their expectations this year.

Here’s a curated collection of channel leaders’ favorite resources from the past year. 

How to Optimize Your Channel Partner Program Spend

1. [On-Demand Webinar] How to Optimize Your Channel Partner Program Spend

This webinar will help channel leaders who are looking to increase their investment or optimize their channel spend. It covers recommendations for investments, strategies for shifting current budgets and top recommendations to optimize overall channel program spend. 

Key Takeaway: Gain insights you can immediately apply to enhance your channel program’s performance.   

business woman getting executive support for channel partner program

2. [Article] The Value of Running a Channel Incentive Program & Getting Executive Buy⁠-⁠In

Executives want to know what they can expect in return for investing in a channel incentive program or B2B customer loyalty program. To get the backing you need, you must tie proposed initiatives to what executives care about most. 

Key Takeaway: Learn five steps to prepare for an internal presentation, plus take advantage of a downloadable executive pitch template.

interconnected series of thought bubbles

3. [Article] Communications Best Practices for To-Partner Marketing

Even the best designed channel programs will fall flat if there isn’t a communication and engagement strategy to reinforce the program’s benefits and drive the behaviors that impact partner success. 

Key Takeaway: Discover best practices for communicating during each to-partner marketing stage: attraction, activation and acceleration.

graphic illustrating how to capture, extract & validate data with ease

4. [Video] How to Simplify Your Channel Partner Claims Process & Increase Engagement With a Fully Managed Solution

Compared to traditional claims processing, a fully managed AI claims processing and management solution is easier for participants and less work for administrators. See how ITA Group’s simple claims process can be used alongside any incentive and engagement platform to improve efficiency.

Key Takeaway: Watch how a simple claims submission process captures, extracts and validates data with ease.

person reading referral incentive email on mobile device

5. [Case Study] Multi-Audience Referral Incentive Program Grows Revenue & Expands Market Share

A leading telecommunications brand implemented a multi-audience referral incentive program to boost customer acquisition and achieve business goals. The program targeted both internal employees and external partners, offering attractive incentives for successful referrals, and it used data-driven insights for continuous optimization.

Key Takeaway: See how one of our clients used an automated referral process (integrated with its existing internal systems) to effectively manage the program, and increase revenue and market share growth. 

automotive dealer selling new car as part of incentive

6. [Case Study] How Automation & Incentive Management Drove Dealer Results

When one automotive OEM was struggling to manage its dealership incentive program due to the volume of dealers, sales team members and incentive opportunities, the brand partnered with ITA Group to develop a customized platform that automated the program, provided a personalized portal experience for each user, and consolidated data from across the organization. 

Key Takeaway: Read about the connection among an effective, automated platform and improved dealer engagement and retention. 

incentive program trends webinar

7. [Video] Program Trends Panel: What's Hot, What's Not & What's Coming Next

Want to know which trends fellow experts are seeing in channel programs? Watch this video to hear our team’s client program observations, including how to use data to close the gap between what partners want and what you want to achieve.

Key Takeaway: Hear recommendations on how you can improve your channel program today to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

cover or ultimate guide to creating high-return incentives

8. [White Paper] Ultimate Guide to Creating High-Return Incentive Programs

Increasing incentive program performance starts with the right combination of incentives, gamification and points. And while choosing the best incentive strategy can be daunting, a winning mix will yield powerful results. 

Key Takeaway: Learn the must-have components of a successful incentive program and narrow down which strategies are right for your channel. 

channel incentive calculator graphic

9. [Calculator] How Much Should You Spend on Your Channel Incentive Program?

Successful brands need realistic channel incentive budgets to reward participants in meaningful ways. Use this channel incentive calculator to create a customized funding scenario for your incentive program, using your own data. Calculate by sales vs. non-sales roles, participation percentage and number of qualifying team members (and we’ll toss in some best practices along the way).

Key Takeaway: Identify your ideal channel incentive budget to get the impact you want.

person taking channel program assessment on ipad

10. [Tool] Assess Your Channel Partner Program

There’s no better time to assess the effectiveness of your channel partner program. Answer 10 questions about data, segmentation, enablement and strategy to evaluate where your program currently stands, and receive tailored recommendations to help maximize your strategies.

Key Takeaway: Be ready to strengthen your channel partner program in the new year—with just 10 questions!

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