Year in Review: Top 10 Channel Partner Program Resources of 2022

By: ITA Group

We’d be remiss to share our channel partner predictions for the year ahead without rounding up the top 10 resources our channel partners used to hit—and exceed—their performance goals this year. 

Our frequently shared Insights articles continue to inform and grow channel partner strategy with best practices on how to personalize the channel partner experience, invest in channel technology, measure performance and more. 

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The Ultimate Guidebook to Channel Partner Ecosystems

1. [Guidebook] The Ultimate Guidebook to Channel Partner Ecosystems 

Go to market with confidence in your partner ecosystem. This comprehensive guide simplifies the complexity of how to embrace your channel partners, including:

  • Accessing the new ecosystem blueprint
  • Applying segmentation for ecosystem success 
  • Learning how to collect and use channel partner data

Channel Incentive Budget Calculator

2. [Calculator] Calculate Your Channel Incentive Program’s Budget

How much should you spend on your channel incentive program? Find out in just minutes! Our calculator creates a personalized incentive budget. Your projected spending should reflect your unique needs, including program participants, active participation rate, annual sales revenue and more.

Formalize Your Channel Program Guidebook

3. [Guidebook] Formalize Your Channel Partner Program 

Avoid allowing your channel partner program’s growth to plateau. Evaluate your current operation to improve your usage of some of your best resources: people, processes and technology. Our guidebook breaks down channel partner program best practices and expert recommendations to:

  • Plan and assess your channel program
  • Design and build a strong foundation
  • Target and recruit the right partners
  • And more

hand holding key symbolizing unlocking new ideas

4. [Article] 5 Ways to Enable Channel Sales & Account Managers

Account managers can make or break important areas of channel partner success. Yet their impact on generating buy-in with partners is often overlooked. Understand how to engage these key players with five channel partner program best practices that will help you mutually reach sales and participation goals. 

distributor opening an incentive gift

5. [Article] Distributor Incentive Program Ideas & Examples

Think of your distributor program as being comprised of three layers: people, behaviors and operations. That’s a lot outside of your control. To better engage your distributors, capture their attention early—and maintain it—with incentive ideas that spark better communication, feedback and results.

Forrester Channel Personalization Research on laptop

6. [Research] How Personalization Will Drive a Winning Partner Experience & Increase Level of Effort

Curious to know how channel partner owners and sales reps truly feel about channel programs? It hinges on personalization. Our research uncovers the greatest challenge of vendor programs and what it will take to increase your partnerships.

person reviewing data on mobile device

7. [Article] 6 Strategies for Channel Partner Engagement & Onboarding Success

Reach channel partners at key points in their journey with the three As (Attract, Activate, Accelerate) to personalize communication—without overdoing it. Ongoing engagement tactics like this help maximize your partnerships by tailoring the message, allowing self-paced flexibility and continually investing in the relationship. 

charts and graphs of channel partner performance metrics

8. [Article] Best Channel Partner Performance Metrics to Monitor 

Which metrics are best to measure depends on you and your partners’ unique needs. Consider a range of variables such as data collection capabilities, access to analytics and even team member capabilities. From there, you can evaluate what channel program elements are being used (and bringing value) and which strategic areas you need to strengthen.

tiers of building blocks with green playing piece at the top

9. [Article] How to Evolve Partner Program Levels & Tiers

Chances are your partner program could use an update to its level and tiering systems. But that doesn’t automatically mean adjusting your current system with new incentives. Review your program tiers with fresh eyes, considering the benefits, possible shortcomings and areas where you can improve your impact.

Channel Technology Webinar on laptop

10. [Webinar] Invest in Channel Technology to Build a Better Partner Experience 

The future of channel technology is an exciting space to find yourself in. Yet predicting where to invest your resources and how your partner program will be impacted can be a challenge to navigate. Get a look at the trend forecast as ITA Group Channel Solution Line Manager Ellen Linkenhoker joins special guest Forrester Analyst Hannibal Scipio for an in-depth webinar.

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