How to optimize your channel partner program spend.

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Optimize Your Channel Partner Program Spend


With many organizations limiting their channel partner program budgets, channel leaders are increasingly being asked to justify every dollar and do more with less. However, with the right strategies and tools it's possible to maximize the impact of every invested or reallocated dollar.

Whether you're looking to increase your investment or optimize your existing channel spend, this webinar is designed to help.


In this webinar, we share insights to make your budget go further, including:

  • Tools for knowing where to invest funds
  • Advice for short-term investments
  • Strategies for shifting current incentive budgets to focus on the right partners and behaviors
  • Recommendations to optimize overall channel program spend


Ellen Linkenhoker
Channel Partner Solutions Lead
ITA Group

Ellen drives the insights, strategy and evolution of the ITA Group channel solution while offering advisement for client engagement and incentive programs. She’s worked as a practitioner in technology, software and service companies as part of the channel and as a vendor. She is an award-winning marketer and navigates all things channel, marketing, incentives and engagement, including pioneering thought leadership on channel partner ecosystems and the partner experience.

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