ITA Group Celebrates the Best Travel Partners of 2020 With Our Timeless Performance Award

Congratulations to our 2020 Timeless Performance Award winners!

Professionalism. Commitment. Thought Leadership.

The winners of ITA Group’s 2020 Timeless Performance Award embody these and so much more. In a year when we expected more than ever from a good partner, our Timeless Performance recipients not only shared our values, remained actively engaged and looked for solutions over challenges, but they also proved that we are stronger together.

The ITA Group Timeless Performance Award is a special recognition for our partners who have gone above and beyond.

When we requested nominations from our ITA Group sales and event management team members this year, we were immediately flooded with responses of travel industry partners who exceeded all expectations of what a good partner should be. Our team members submitted dozens of emails of recognition and gratitude, and we had more nominations than ever before!

Here are the best of the best for 2020:

“To our winners, thank you! It is important that you know you made a difference in this challenging year. We could not have done this without you. You put in countless hours and came up with creative and flexible solutions that were best for everyone involved.”

—Sarah Haines, Vice President Event Management