ITA Group acquires Cooleaf to form industry-leading employee engagement solution

The acquisition better supports brands looking to reduce turnover and improve productivity.

ita group and cooleaf branded logo

April 2 , 2024

ITA Group, a global leader in employee engagement solutions, enhances its services with the acquisition of Cooleaf, an award-winning recognition and rewards SaaS technology platform. ITA Group’s employee engagement platform, now powered by Cooleaf technology, offers a robust suite of turnkey recognition, incentive and integration features, enabling organizations to easily keep teams connected anytime, anywhere. 

With the acquisition, ITA Group’s employee experience programs help brands build a more connected culture, which the company defines as an approach that focuses on organizational alignment of all employee programs to attract and retain top talent.

ITA Group’s expansion offers clients immediate benefits, including:

  • Complete engagement platform ready for rapid deployment
  • Comprehensive functionality (recognition, incentives, milestone awards, challenges, event calendar, newsfeeds, survey tool, leader tools, admin tools and more)
  • Ability to consolidate programs, grow, scale and change with a full range of capabilities from a single-source agency
  • Integrations with other HR technology platforms (HRIS, CRM, LMS, fitness devices, etc.)
  • Intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use administration tool
  • Predesigned onboarding paths for a seamless new hire process
  • Ongoing strategic partnership aligned to achieving business goals

“Workforce engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations around the globe, and our clients are asking for a complete employee engagement solution that can be implemented quickly,” said Rob Danna, Employee Experience Solution Champion at ITA Group. “The addition of the Cooleaf technology to ITA Group’s already established employee experience solutions creates a unique option for enterprise and mid-market companies looking for one, end-to-end agency that can support all their employee programs cohesively.”

Cooleaf, founded in 2016, has a team of engagement experts that use the award-winning technology to build and implement the perfect strategies. The platform empowers brands to capture employee sentiment, recognize and reward performance that aligns with company goals, and measure employee experience with powerful, easy-to-use dashboards. Cooleaf’s technology roadmap advancement also includes incorporating AI effectively into the flow of work. 

“The power of the Cooleaf platform rests in its tailored strategies, flexibility and analytics. By combining our award-winning technology with ITA Group’s industry-leading strategic insights and capabilities, we are now part of a complete end-to-end employee engagement solution,” said Prem Bhatia, co-founder of Cooleaf. “Additionally, ITA Group has 60+ years of industry experience, which gives clients confidence that they’ll have a long-term partnership with a stable company.”

With the Cooleaf acquisition, ITA Group’s employee experience solutions build community and alignment within an organization, while reinforcing organizational values and the employer value proposition. 

Hear more from Rob Danna and Prem Bhatia about this acquisition and the benefits clients can expect. 

Learn more about ITA Group’s platform for employee engagement programs here