Tapping Into Work Realities to Better Motivate & Attract Talent

When a construction management organization needed to align their team members, improve engagement and attract talent, they came to ITA Group for help.

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Despite more than a century of success in business, the tremendous growth our client experienced in recent years threatened the close-knit family feel that was central to their culture.

To maintain that culture, they knew they needed to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in their workers. But for that message to have the impact they wanted, our client needed to understand the beliefs and motivations of their entire workforce, including the large percentage who spend their time on the road and at job sites.

Go Directly to the Source to Learn What’s Important to Employees

A series of focus groups, site visits and surveys uncovered root issues and opportunities. To give workers a chance to speak without feeling pressure of their manager in the room, we segmented focus groups. Through this process, we learned about employees’ day-to-day roles and what’s important to them. Employees also shared deeply personal insights like the stress and loneliness they often feel when they’re on the road and away from family. A follow-up executive visioning session ensured employee feedback and executive vision were aligned.

Make Employees Feel Part of the Organization’s Story

Using the research as a guide, we developed a plan to tell a compelling story that gave employees clear cultural guideposts; and, more importantly, reasons to stay. A new employee value proposition (EVP), supporting messaging and a communications campaign accommodated the unique needs of the workers, even those who are on the road and at job sites. The new brand created by our communications experts resonated with the entire workforce giving them renewed pride in their hard work.

Share the Story in Inventive Ways

Targeted communications reinforced a personal and collective sense of purpose among workers and didn’t shy away from the challenges they voiced. Service vehicle decals and T-shirts were distributed to team members reinforcing key messaging in practical, highly visible ways on job sites. And hard hat years-of-service-stickers created a way for employees to be recognized and share their achievements with team members—a visual representation of their lasting legacy to the company.

Solution Inclusions

  • Focus groups and surveys
  • Analysis and consultation
  • EVP and supporting message development
  • Deskless worker segmentation strategy
  • Print and digital communications
  • Signage

Grow the Connection to the Company & Each Other 

The client continually encourages employees to find their own story and connect their job and role to the company’s purpose. Frequent communication, recognition platform gamification, events and other small surprises ensure key cultural messages stay top of mind so employees can continue to internalize them. 

Once employees’ organizational pride and understanding of company objectives grew, they became happier in their roles and felt a greater connection to the company’s culture.

The brand is great! We love being able to make all of our materials and messaging cohesive. We are very happy.