Employee training motivates sales and service teams to boost customer satisfaction scores

How a segmented employee engagement solution helped a major manufacturer achieve its sales goals and improve overall customer service.

service team member earning credit for completing training

In the ultra-competitive sales environment, exceptional customer service is non-negotiable. Performance of customer-facing teams is critical but engaging them can be a challenge. When the brand’s leadership noticed slipping customer approval scores, it was clear a business-as-usual approach wouldn’t cut it. Up against an ineffective earning structure, competing internal priorities and a hard-to-reach audience, they knew they needed help. 

Leaders recognized that strengthening employee engagement through training and incentives was key to motivating sales and service teams to perform at higher levels. When employees feel valued and understand customer expectations, they deliver above-and-beyond customer support. With standout customer service, the brand could win loyalty and grow market share.

Audience Segmentation Encourages Program Participation

The brand’s sales and service leaders, technicians and service staff were spread across nearly 900 locations in the U.S., prompting a new segmentation strategy that addressed a variety of roles and motivators. Segmentation ensured standards were met and allowed participants to earn at different rates. 

The new employee training program design helped the client meet its sales goals, and improve overall engagement and customer service by: 

  • Building the knowledge and confidence needed to elevate customer satisfaction year-round 
  • Incorporating a variety of compensation types (monetary, points, badges) 
  • Implementing strategic short-term promotions to meet training and service objectives
  • Establishing new stretch goals for each segment

Comprehensive Communication Spurs Engagement 

A comprehensive mixed-media communications campaign clearly described earning opportunities and provided targeted messaging to each audience segment. Quizzes and additional gamification, including game plays, encouraged participants to visit the program website more frequently. 

Earnings, courses completed and a continuous learning track all appeared on the training dashboard. Training badges displayed upon login showed participants’ progress-to-goal status and helped them easily understand what it takes to “level up.”

examples of badges earned by service employees

Platform Supports Learning Objectives Integration 

Taking the client’s short- and long-term service training objectives into consideration, the ITA Group team tailored the client’s platform design to reinforce the program’s overall goals. Sales and service staff earned points for completing training activities and became certified along the way. Program participants advanced to Expert, Master and Platinum Master as they built skills and deepened customer service competencies. The professional development pathway offered dual benefits of encouraging employee retention and improving service delivery.

ITA Group receives daily platform data on overall training curriculums and individual courses completed, which also integrates with the awards system. As specific business needs arise, newly defined training targets are built in, and responsive training is launched.  

Employee Training & Incentive Program Improves Customer Service Scores  

In addition to the immediate training and incentive program’s success, sustained participant engagement and growth solidifies the program’s effectiveness. Ongoing industry and program assessments, plus participant surveys, inform strategies to evolve the training, continuously improving the incentive program and ensuring client’s needs are met. Now brand leaders can focus on other important business areas while trusting ITA Group to manage, measure and report all program information, updates and insights. 



(out of 10) Net Promoter Score average across all participant roles


game plays earned for training and quiz completion with significant award value perception


redemption over 6 months


best-in-class service manager rewards & recognition program (independent automotive industry study)