Building a Unified Culture of Recognition After a Strategic Merger

How a leading modular workspace and storage solutions brand focused on core values and employee feedback to provide a stronger global employee experience and recognition program.

core values based employee recognition communications on multiple devicesRobust, responsive communications ensured employees could access recognition and rewards on the go.

Following a strategic merger, brand leaders wanted to use the opportunity to shape the company-wide recognition culture, building on their shared values, and streamlining multiple employee experience programs. But the revamped program needed to incorporate more than “words on a website” to truly serve the international, largely deskless workforce.

Aligning the Employee Experience Program With the Brand 

The new values-based employee recognition program, Ready to Go, offered team members an inclusive, equitable and meaningful way to celebrate key behaviors and milestones. All tying back to the overarching brand.

Listening to Employee Feedback Identifies Recognition Opportunities

Developing and deploying an employee listening ecosystem was central to bringing the initiative to life.  

Quarterly pulse surveys as well as onboarding and exit surveys continue to track against this baseline sentiment and help solve employee experience challenges as they arise.

Listening to the voice of their employees alongside analyzing the robust program data is key to adapting, implementing and maintaining the effective program. 

After analyzing the qualitative and quantitative data, enterprise leaders gained a shared understanding of employee sentiments. Leaders also more consistently connected around employee’s wants and needs.

deskless worker drilling on job site

Empowering the Diverse Workforce Motivates Participation 

Based on the analysis, the team developed and launched a phased approach tied to specific satisfaction and retention goals from an employee’s first day with the organization to their last.

Using an interactive, centralized platform, employees reward one another in real time when they see values-based behaviors in action. Team members earn points redeemable for tangible awards and experiences that serve as a powerful reminder of their contributions. Together, the platform and awards have created a vibrant culture of recognition.

Going Beyond Technology for Ultimate Program Success

Each employee at the organization’s 275 locations received program-branded kits, driving them to their available dashboards (individual contributor, manager or administrator) to issue and track recognition, and see corporate-wide activity.  

The program also incorporates: 

  • Continuous feedback collection
  • Multifaceted communication methods
  • Safety challenges, regional sales contests and celebration events like National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
  • Performance-based incentives and life event/milestone recognitions 

Analyzing Results Drives Continuous Improvement 

Authentic, individualized and brand-aligned recognition is the foundation for the organization’s successful post-merger culture. The launch and ongoing support of the Ready to Go program helps attract, engage and retain top talent. 

82% of active employees enrolled in Ready to Go by the end of its first year

89% received at least one recognition, exceeding the brand’s initial goals

42,000 recognitions issued

14% increased new hire retention rate at three and six months if new hires receive at least one recognition in their first 60 days of employment, compared to peers that have not been recognized

Recognition was tailored so employees in any role felt appreciated.
A mix of digital and non-digital communications ensured program success.
Employees could choose from a selection of awards tailored to their preferences.

I will be using the Lowe’s gift card to purchase the materials needed for my nursery. Very excited to be able to use these funds towards that project for my growing family.

Ready to Go program participant