Reinventing Workplace Well-Being: How to Support Employees in a Changing Environment

By: ITA Group
How to Support Employees in a Changing Environment

As the future of work continues to rapidly evolve, organizations must ensure they’re meeting the needs of their people.

To retain and attract top talent, it’s vital companies rethink traditional approaches and invest in creating and fostering psychologically safe environments.

For the unfamiliar, “Psychological safety—the belief that one can speak up without risk of punishment or humiliation—has been well established as a critical driver of high-quality decision making, healthy group dynamics and interpersonal relationships, greater innovation and more effective execution in organizations,” according to Harvard Business Review.

Creating psychological safety in a workplace takes focus and effort. It’s only natural for people to hold back ideas, be reluctant to ask questions and shy away from disagreeing with the boss. Given this tendency, the free exchange of ideas, concerns and questions is routinely hindered. Reversing this requires a process of helping people develop new beliefs and behaviors.

But how can we sustain employee culture, support mental wellness and encourage new behaviors in this time of rapid transition and change?

In this webinar, ITA Group’s Insights & Strategy Leader, Christina Zurek, and Prem Bhatia, Co-Founder at Cooleaf, will share key strategies for leaders to support their employees' psychological needs and create a culture of trust, transparency and belonging.

After the webinar, you’ll better understand:

  • The influence and impact of psychology on employee engagement
  • How to boost sense of purpose and belonging for your employees
  • Ways to personalize engagement initiatives to improve relevancy and meaning

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