Turn the Music Up: The Ultimate Work Motivation Playlist

By: ITA Group
Person holding headphones and listening to music from their computer


Do you listen to music daily? You should.

The Globe and Mail reported that, “Focusing on a favorite song combats de-motivating brain signals associated with fatigue or boredom.” 

A powerful song can change your mood instantly. It can be fun and uplifting or comforting and melancholy. For many, music starts as soon as you hop in your car—whether you’re just arriving at your job ready to tackle the day’s projects or driving home from a long day at the office. (We won’t even get into the need for music on road trips.)

For others, music might be something you put on just before starting something. For example, listening to music while working on a boring task keeps you energized and in the zone. Music can make you motivated to work, clean, dance, sing, run, exercise and so on. 

The next time you’re feeling the afternoon burnout at work or struggling to keep those creative juices flowing, remember to crank up the motivational music to re-energize. Our Spotify playlist of the ultimate work motivation songs will keep you focused and having fun while you tackle the tasks of the day. And that’s music to our ears.


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