How to Support Belonging in a Hybrid Workforce

Marketing effectiveness is increased by around 54% when partner advocacy is employed, according to research from SocialToaster.
According to Deloitte, 79% of organizations agree that fostering a sense of belonging in the workforce is important for their success—but only 13% say they’re ready to address the trend.
This ebook can help.
Our ebook examines four focus areas proven to create stronger social bonds among employees, no matter where they work. We break down tactics for on-site and offsite workers to ensure maximum effectiveness, including ideas for:
  • Creating opportunities for new employees to get to know your workplace culture (and each other) from day one
  • Promoting interaction and create awareness with open lines of communication
  • Organizing non-work-related functions to promote bonding
  • Helping leaders establish authentic bonds with employees

It’s time to create a culture of inclusivity that fuels the emotional connections employees crave to feel like they belong.