Developing a connected culture to attract and retain talent and deliver results.

[On-Demand Webinar] Developing a Connected Culture to Attract & Retain Talent, & Deliver Results

Organizations can improve employee engagement by leaning into a connected company culture approach. With a connected culture, interactions between the brand, executives and team members become more purposeful—and more likely to thrive.



In this webinar, we share insights on how to transform your company culture, including:

  • Defining connected culture
  • Building executive team alignment
  • Elevating employer branding 
  • Implementing leadership training 
  • Recognizing & reinforcing the connected culture (on a regular basis)

Webinar Speakers

Tim Schieffer

Tim Schieffer
Employee Experience Insights & Strategy Leader
ITA Group

With 20+ years of experience serving clients in multiple industries, including e-commerce, communications and finance, Tim offers a unique perspective on how to attract and retain top talent. His passion for delivering personalized employee engagement strategies helps create cultures centered on empowering people. Outside of work, you’ll find him cheering on the Green Bay Packers as a proud part-owner. Go Pack Go!


Tanya Fish

Tanya Fish
Employee Experience Solutions Lead
ITA Group

Tanya drives the insights, strategy and evolution around employee experience for the organization while offering advisement for client engagement and employee programs. She loves inspiring passion in people, something she believes impacts the individual, the organization and the community. Tanya’s past work and studies on organizational leadership in business, employee health and well-being, culture and health insurance guide her unique perspective on organizational health and success. She’s energized by achievement, learning and empowerment and balanced by time with family and friends and being outdoors. Bonus points if it’s by a body of water. 


Reinforce Your Company Culture