Maximize your customer loyalty program with an end-to-end provider.

Your Roadmap to Lasting Customer Loyalty

Capture the growth and engagement benefits of a full-service customer loyalty program partnership.

What You’ll Find in This White Paper

  • 6 essential components for an effective end-to-end (E2E) customer loyalty program  
  • How a comprehensive approach creates an ideal customer experience at each phase of the buying journey
  • Where integrated customer loyalty technology fits within a broader, more strategic solution     

Learn how to maximize and simplify a customer loyalty program with an E2E partner. 

How the Best Customer Loyalty Programs Stand Out

More sophisticated customer expectations, increased competition and market disruptions demand customer loyalty programs evolve and innovate. Brands must get creative and reach beyond transactional relationships to show participants they’re recognized, valued and celebrated. Do this well and create fans for life. 

Navigating all the aspects of a customer loyalty program alone isn’t easy. And juggling many customer loyalty vendors makes it harder to communicate to your most valuable audiences. Lackluster, disjointed programs don’t perform. Comprehensive customer loyalty solutions designed and executed by an experienced E2E partner provide a different path forward. 

62% of respondents say “relevancy” is the number one factor in opening a marketing email.


Centering Customer Experience Across 6 Customer Loyalty Program Components

An E2E partner executes on program goals by getting a deep understanding of the business and the people it serves. Relevancy requires designing a program strategy that delivers on customer preferences and motivation and then optimizes every touchpoint. Each phase builds a stronger emotional connection between customers and the brand.

E2E providers deliver extensive benefits that bring an incredible return on investment. Improved efficiency, lower costs and streamlined processes on the operational side lead to a cohesive customer experience. This drives engagement that extends from brand awareness to advocacy.

Nearly 33% of U.S. loyalty program members say they’d be willing to share their personal information in exchange for more personalized experiences and rewards. Yet less than 25% of programs personalize member experiences based on previous interactions, purchase history, and stated or inferred preferences.


Customer Loyalty Technology vs. Comprehensive Approach

Already using a customer loyalty technology platform with plenty of bells and whistles? If it’s not integrated across all aspects of your program, it’s probably not worth its price tag. Missing any of the components of an E2E approach leaves a gap that’s challenging to close.  

A comprehensive E2E approach strategically connects tech to creative services, award fulfillment and program operations across the customer journey and offers seamless reporting and analytics, too. This helps brands turn zero-party data into the kind of personalized promotions that drive lasting loyalty.

Explore How Six Components of Effective E2E Customer Loyalty Programs Work Together