8 Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value


While some of our ideas can be spun to drive new acquisitions, all the examples included in the white paper are meant to retain or drive longer lifetime value from customers; or in some cases, accomplish both.

In this white paper, we’ll break down eight strategies to help improve CLV, including:

  • Stop Leaving Critical Journey Touchpoints to Chance
  • Ensure the Renewal
  • Reduce Churn During Critical Periods With Science & Strategy
  • Win Back Dormant or Ex-Customers With Honest & Transparent Offers
  • Increase Lifetime Value Through Cross-Selling & Upselling
  • Infuse Surprise & Delight
  • Amplify Experiences & Engagement When Customers Increase Spend
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience by Empowering Employees

We’ve helped focus the strategies by pointing out at what stage of the customer journey they’ll work the best. If you’re focused on CX (no matter your title), this white paper features proven strategies to improve CLV.

What Can Increased Customer Lifetime Value Do For Your Organization?