The ultimate guidebook.

The Ultimate Guidebook to Channel Partner Ecosystems

As more and more businesses build their partner ecosystems, companies that don’t actively build and embrace these new partner types will flounder in a competitive global market. It’s time to think differently, make room for more than just our traditional partners and change the way we go to market.
In this guide, we break down everything you could possibly need to begin addressing your new ecosystem mindset, including:
  • The new ecosystem blueprint
  • How to get and use channel partner data
  • Applying segmentation for ecosystem success
  • Identifying your partner segments, with deep dives into strategies for: influencer, transactional and retention channels
  • The benefits of mapping your channel partner ecosystem
  • And much more

Once you commit to the new partner ecosystem mentality you can find your path and start to realize all the benefits that await: Benefits for your partners. Benefits for your company. And benefits for your customer.

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