Can You Afford the Cost of Employee Disengagement?

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Businesses today are talking about employee engagement. Why? Because of its impact on the team and company. Here are 8 stats about how employee disengagement impacts your company, your people and your bottom line:

Can You Afford the Cost of Employee Disengagement? Infographic

How You Motivate Your People Could Change Everything

Because there’s a direct correlation between motivation and engagement, our latest ebook is designed to help you tap into your audience’s unique motivations. 50+ Ways to Motivate Your Employees for Measurable Results features expert insight from Dan Ariely, renowned social scientist and New York Times bestselling author, as well as includes 50+ relevant, actionable tips for motivating your people both intrinsically and extrinsically. Check it out to start transforming engagement today.

Are Your Employees Motivated? They Will Be.