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An Employee Experience That Inspires and Engages

Authentic connections between your organization and your people are the foundation for a robust, continuous employee experience. One that fully engages all of your employees. But those connections don’t just happen. At ITA Group, our approach to a more powerful employee experience will help create them, and lay a new foundation for stronger employee engagement and more powerful business results. 

An Engaging Employee Experience Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Your employees and your business are unique. We believe your employee experience should be, too. We embrace the complexity of your people right from the beginning. With our exclusive, scientific method of motivation, we determine the best blend of motivators that’ll resonate with your employees. So if they’re inspired by feelings from within or by the prospect of gaining something in return—or a mix of both—your employee experience vision will become a reality.

Engage & Educate

  • Solution Brand
  • Earning Opportunity
  • Communications
  • Solution Technology Platform
  • Training Facilitation
  • Awards Platform
  • Interactivity
  • Customer Service


  • Recognition
  • Travel Rewards
  • Tangible Rewards
  • Card & Cash Rewards
  • Follow-up Communications


  • Solution Management
  • Global Support

Analyze & Optimize

  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Solution Optimization

Increasing employee engagement by just 1% has the potential to unlock $20 million in operating income for a $5B organization.


See the Results Generated by Our Approach

Within our own walls at ITA Group, we took employee engagement and wellbeing to new heights.

Results of Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Solution