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ITA Group is a leader in events, incentives and recognition programs. Our company might be a great fit for your skills and talent. Below are some current opportunities at ITA Group. 

But wait! If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, we still want to hear from you. Submit your resume and some information about your professional passions and pursuits. We will give it a look.


    SENIOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - MIDWEST REGION, EMPLOYEE OWNER SINCE 1989. ITA Group is still fun after 26 years! Why wouldn’t I stay? I get to work with industry-leading clients every day. I still love the challenge of an ever-changing business world.


    DIRECTOR - SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, EMPLOYEE OWNER SINCE 2012. I left ITA Group to work for other companies, but quickly realized there just isn’t another company like this one. I am passionate about what we do here – getting to work with Fortune 100 companies, positively impacting their portfolios. My teammates and senior leadership operate with integrity, professionalism and responsibility. No exceptions. I couldn’t be more proud to work at ITA Group. Again.


    SUPERVISOR - TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, EMPLOYEE OWNER SINCE 2005. My favorite part of coming to ITA Group each day is getting to do what I love. I look forward to collaborating with an incredibly talented team in meeting the business needs of our clients through innovative technical solutions.


    VICE PRESIDENT - CLIENT SERVICES, EMPLOYEE OWNER SINCE 1998. I’ve been with ITA Group 18+ years and drive 500 miles each week to work. I stay because of the incredibly talented people I GET to work with and dynamic clients we serve. We shake things up, ask curious questions, share ideas. Our clients see that in action and feel a greater connection to us.


    ACCOUNT MANAGER - CLIENT ACCOUNT SERVICES, EMPLOYEE OWNER SINCE 2012. I love working at a company where change isn't feared, but encouraged. Just knowing that the next idea could be the next BIG idea is really exciting, and it motivates me each and every day. My management team trusts me and allows me the autonomy to make my own decisions. I know I can grow here.

Our Culture

625 and Counting…

That’s how many reasons you have to join our team. Because that’s how many ITA Group team members are waiting to meet you, learn from you, challenge you and do incredible work with you. Still not sold? Here’s another reason—ITA Group has been certified as a Great Place to Work, and 94% of our team members agree! When you join our team, you’ll make the most of your drive, talent and experience every day. You’ll be empowered with the tools and technology you need to do your best work. We promise to have your back and be by your side.

You won’t find a more engaging, motivating and rewarding environment. We live what we sell. 

Visit greatplacetowork.com to learn more about our positive workplace culture and commitment to employee wellbeing.