IPCAA Announces Update on International Compliance Event

Program on Jan. 30 will address the complexities and future of global healthcare meeting compliance.

IPCAA (International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association) has announced an Update on International Compliance event designed to provide a high-level overview of the differences between U.S. and European congresses and the latest changes in compliance regulations worldwide. The event will take place at The Maxwell Hotel in New York City (541 Lexington Avenue) on Thursday, January 30, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT. 

The program will explore the complexities of healthcare meeting compliance for meetings held by U.S.-based stakeholders, including societies, companies, or PCOs (Professional Congress Organizers) outside the U.S, as well as for international visitors attending U.S.-based events. Experts from IPCAA will use case studies to cover pressing issues such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), proper approval channels, national limits, meal caps and more.

For employees of IPCAA member companies, participation in the Update on International Compliance event is included in their membership. For all other delegates, the cost to attend the event is USD 190. Those who are unable to attend the event live are invited to join the meeting virtually. For more information, please visit: https://www.ipcaa.org/public/events/us-ipcaa-update-international-compliance-2020

MPI (Meeting Professionals International)-MD is a group for professionals in the sector of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, life sciences and healthcare meetings. The MPI-MD Advisory Board is very supportive of this upcoming historic conference that will, for the first time, feature a European-based group in the U.S. to discuss comparisons of Open Payments and the EFPIA Code.

Taya Paige has served on the MPI-MD Advisory Board since its inception and is the director of its Thought Leadership & Advocacy Counsel and the Medical Meeting Standardization Initiative, which seeks to establish compliance spend thresholds within the healthcare industry that would result in global consistencies and standardizations. As a leader on the ITA Group healthcare strategy team, she is dedicated to keeping up on compliance and other industry issues through implementing important initiatives, such as earning the Ethical MedTech Europe Trusted Partner certification.

“The world and economy are changing all around us,” said Paige, who is CMM, CIS and HMCC certified. “To thrive as an industry, international meeting planners must look to the future and understand our industry trends and the forces that will shape our business. Our MPI-MD Advocacy Counsel philosophy provides us with a plan to win together as a global community.”

The IPCAA Update on International Compliance event will feature renowned healthcare meeting compliance expert Pat Schaumann as the keynote speaker. President and CEO of the Schaumann Consulting Group, she is an author and founder of the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate program. She is also co-founder of My Compliance Wizard and serves on the MPI-MD Advisory Board.

According to Shaumann, “The world of healthcare compliance is exceedingly complex. Variation in the category limitations of spend reporting is a fundamental concern, with the lack of standardization directly affecting the ability to ensure compliance. While this problem is often acknowledged, not enough has been done to solve it.”

Her keynote address and the presentations of the IPCAA experts promise to offer valuable insight into evolving issues that will shape the future of the medical meeting industry.




The mission of the IPCAA (International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association) is to ensure the most beneficial outcome for all parties involved in medical congresses, through the development of common and consistent congress policies and through recognized partnerships with medical societies. IPCAA also facilitates and organizes platforms for discussion and education of topics amongst relevant meetings industry stakeholders and contributes to improve the understanding of topics such as compliance and transparency. For more information, please visit www.ipcaa.org.

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Through MPI-MD we provide the opportunity for global medical meeting professionals to come together to discuss the complexities of compliance reporting, exchange information of common interest, access accredited certificate programs and discuss concepts for improvement within the industry.

MPI MD is available to planners and suppliers working within healthcare related industries. We currently have over 800 MPI members as part of the MPI-MD community. For more information, please visit https://www.mpi.org/membership/communities/medical-meeting-professionals.

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