How a flawless user conference positioned this brand for new success

How Premier Partnership Ensured Expert Logistic Execution

user conference attendees watching keynote speaker

Coming off two poorly executed user conferences with two separate providers—two years in a row—our leading global technology software client was looking for a partner to lead, manage and evolve conference logistics. They had a solid brand reputation to uphold, and with 6,000 international users converging to gain the latest industry knowledge, hands-on product experience and invaluable networking opportunities, they needed someone who could deliver.

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations. Flawlessly.

We had an existing relationship and our logistics expertise was proven, so our client sought us out as the partner to ensure ultimate operational success. In addition to meeting and exceeding attendee objectives, client stakeholders had specific, business-driving goals to achieve. Naturally, they wanted to increase year-over-year attendance numbers leading up to the event. 

But they also wanted to increase cross-sell opportunities on site, creatively educate and inform attendees, and drive unprecedented brand loyalty and advocacy. And with just five short days of valuable on-site face-time, the pressure was on. 

Relationships Were the Name of This Game

Achieving client goals on site in a matter of days meant weeks and months of intensive, meticulous planning. We knew that to successfully execute a production of this scale, we’d have to strategically leverage relationships that could and would produce. Because of ITA Group’s rich history of client relations, its robust partner network and a longstanding commitment to service excellence, proven relationships set the strategic planning and tactical execution elements up for seamless success.

ITA Group wasted no time getting started, first by building a self-starting, high-functioning team of experts. We also leveraged strong partner relationships—leaning on those we knew and trusted to round out every facet of the event experience. 

user conference attendees at check-in and registration

Logistical Precision Was Top Priority

With over 6,000 attendees from 70 countries and representing 11 unique attendee types, our proven expertise and attendee management (backed by a robust technical solution) capabilities were central to operational excellence. Once on site, the landscape became more complex, with attendee accommodations spread throughout 13 different hotels and a major urban convention center serving as the home base throughout the five-day event. ITA Group’s expert team delivered an experience that made things simple for attendees to network and collaborate.

user conference attendees enjoying breakout

We Optimized Engagement Every Step of the Way

The event wasn’t just an event. It was a logistical puzzle that—once put together—was designed to optimize attendee engagement from start to finish. Engagement and branding experts infused branded wayfinding graphics to help attendees simply and successfully navigate the extensive landscape. A deliberately designed convention space optimized traffic flow as well as meaningful connections between attendees. And—knowing networking was a top attendee priority—lounges strategically located throughout the event landscape created prime opportunities for attendees to connect with each other and the brand. To personalize the experience and cater to the attendee demographic, hands-on user experiences—including an interactive game space—were woven into the event landscape with deliberate care. Thematic entertainment and interactive experiences infused into the general session maximized overall engagement potential. 

Behind-the-Scenes Precision = Premier Execution

We were challenged to embrace complexity, anticipate and solve problems, and facilitate a meeting with surefire precision. We cleared the bar and then some. Our client indicated they were “100% willing to recommend ITA Group’s products or services to others.” Attendees saw the value too: “It was an excellent event. The logistics were superb this year…”

Additionally, our flawless execution contributed to 571 on-site face-to-face meetings and facilitated a powerful cross-sell environment. Thousands of attendee engagements (2,430 to be exact) at unique demo stations drove desired buzz around the client’s products and services, and 300+ educational sessions featuring 36 keynote speakers provided robust training on the topics attendees craved. Throughout the five-day experience, 500+ users attended co-located events that increased interactions with key client partners. 

One of countless reasons we’re happy … is that [ITA Group] is able to navigate through our complicated internal teams (marketing, finance, legal, etc.) to make things happen with ease, speed, and grace.

Global Events Manager


6,000+ attendees

571 on-site face-to-face meetings

2,430 attendee engagements at demo stations drove cross-selling opportunities

300+ educational sessions featuring 36 keynote speakers created buzz for client products & services