Employee event experience unites and leads to organizational goal achievement

Adding creativity and personalization to an already unique employee event inspired unprecedented teamwork and led our client to reach an aggressive 5-year goal.

employees from insurance agency gather at employee event

Our client, insurance broker Holmes Murphy & Associates (HMA), wanted to align and motivate employees while working toward their aggressive five-year revenue growth plan. They decided to reward employees only if the revenue growth goals were achieved. But it was an “all or nothing” offer designed to build unprecedented levels of alignment and teamwork across the organization. 

The strong partnership between HMA and ITA Group paved the way for results. We designed a rare, impactful and inspirational all-employee incentive trip to Florida for a diverse workforce of 600+ people.

The team did their individual and integrated roles exceedingly well… We appreciate working with people who are really good at what they do—and ITA Group is the best.

Dan Keough, CEO

ITA Group is an expert at planning and executing events. I would recommend them without reservation. We would not consider doing a program like this without ITA Group.

Dan Keough, CEO

Building momentum to impact future success

The all-employee incentive program needed to build teamwork and keep the five-year goal top of mind. ITA Group developed a program theme, “Stronger Together,” featuring a logo that could last and ongoing communications that amped up excitement and reminded team members of the travel reward. The multi-year campaign built anticipation and signaled the importance of a united front. As the goal was achieved, we moved to the next phase of planning.

personalized event website on laptop

Motivating a diverse workforce demands personalization

With such a large group from different generations and varied roles, creating a memorable, meaningful experience came down to customization. Drawing on our expertise in motivational theory, ITA Group developed an itinerary full of choices for employees—daily activities, meals, access to exclusive shows and a vote-fueled range of on-site give-back opportunities—all to reinforce their unique passions, elevate their experience and strengthen their connection to HMA. 

Emotional experiences reward team accomplishments

On-site efforts to create connections with participants had to be impactful and moving. Our solutions:

1. Combined brand loyalty with individual interests to capture teamwork

ITA Group team members met all participants at the airport, kicking things off with a personalized touch and sense of team camaraderie. A food truck rally was a fun way to cater to all tastes, while the surrounding space prominently featured the program theme to reinforce that together, they had achieved this experience.  

2. Created energy to make lasting memories

The evening celebration was just the first stop for employees before their motor coach whisked them off to an exclusive performance by Blue Man Group and more team time at late-night karaoke.

3. Personalized give-back events to make connections

The small-group team-building event offered employees the opportunity to compete in various community give-back activities. Working together, they could choose to create gifts for kids in local homeless shelters, assemble prosthetic hands for people around the world or build creative dog houses for local animal shelters.

Impact by the numbers

HMA created significant, sustained improvement in employee engagement and connection to the organization, including:

7% increase in employee engagement

11% improvement in organizational health, according to employees

90%+ of employees believe this experience positively contributed to HMA being an employer of choice