Connections That Matter

About this Podcast

We’ve known for years that effective employer brands draw talent in. But effective employer brands powerfully impact current employees too, creating a culture and environment that connects them to each other, their work and the organization. Which, of course, sounds easier than it actually is. Tune in to hear the questions you need to ask. The ways you can get leadership buy-in. The data you need to gather to determine success.

Along the way, you’ll hear from our fearless guides who will lean in to their expertise in the exciting and creative world of employer branding to share what works—and what doesn’t—to inspire, inform and elevate your own efforts.

“Some studies show as much as 70% of employees would not go and work for an organization they don’t believe has a strong employer brand image. So it’s absolutely key for that talent acquisition side of things. But what I wish more people understood was it goes so much deeper than that, too.” —Christina Zurek

Meet Your Hosts

nullChristina Zurek

Christina Zurek

Christina is an experienced leader with a passion for improving the employee experience, employee engagement and workplace culture. Few things excite her as much as an opportunity to try something unfamiliar (be that a project, development opportunity, travel destination, food, drink or otherwise), though digging in to a research project is a close second.

nullSarah Kidawa

Sarah Kidawa

Sarah has a penchant for driving curated strategies that fuel employee happiness and energize workplace cultures. She thrives when helping clients realize the hard results driven by executing these “soft” initiatives—and when her suitcase is packed and ready for her next travel adventure.