A Single Partner Incentive Platform for All Audiences

Home-grown technology, inflexible SaaS solutions and stand-alone incentive programs are often clunky and difficult to drive engagement among different audiences. Not to mention all the administrative burden.

A single enterprise-class platform built to accommodate concurrent programs for sales and non-sales audiences is the answer. You’ll increase performance and engagement for any partner types, roles, incentives and go-to-market strategies—with a responsive (and experienced) team ready to support.

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Tailor Your Platform & Design Your Own Roadmap

We’ll assemble your incentive platform using pre-built modules and only customize where it counts. You’ll get ultimate scalability to add global audiences (sales and non-sales), modules, custom extensions, workflows, integrations—anything. Your roadmap is yours alone to meet your future needs.

Field-Level Programs

Reach the people making sales, doing the work or running an independent business and responsible for renewing services

Sales Incentives

Reward for simple or numerous sales promotions using cash, card, travel—whatever will motivate your sales audience

Points Programs

Go beyond cash and offer non-monetary earnings that allow for choice and behavior-based incentives

Claims-Based Programs

Collect data and eliminate claims forms with AI-based image capture and workflows

Complex Distribution

Get ultimate flexibility to match multiple routes to market, like B2B2C, and numerous brands or product lines

Support Roles

Reach non-sales audiences with programs designed to influence, service and retain customers

Compliance & Standards

Track and reward for behaviors that increase profitability, customer service and brand consistency

Loyalty Programs

Increase sales and engagement with business customers using rewards, points, promotions and other elements like referrals or learning.

Whatever You Want to Create, No Program Type Is Off Limits

ITA Group Named Among Top Channel Incentive Management Companies by Leading Independent Research Firm

ITA Group was cited as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Channel Incentive Management (CIM), Q1 2022: The 11 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up report. We earned the highest possible scores in the Customer & Partner Types, Non-Monetary & Micro Incentives, Security & Privacy criteria and Print & Distribution Capabilities.

“ITA Group aims to reduce the complexity of channel incentives by combining highly configurable technology with robust services supporting deep cross-industry incentives use cases.”

Engagement Hubs Design a Superior Partner Experience

Set yourself apart from the competition and improve the user experience with a personalized engagement hub. Aggregate everything a partner needs to be successful while driving adoption of enablement tools and performance incentives.

examples of channel incentive hub capabilities
example of program setup options

Unlimited Incentive Types Increase Participation

Get incentives up-and-going quickly and run relevant promotions concurrently based on audience, motivation type, time frame and desired behaviors. We can reward for anything we can measure using data from platforms, internal systems or integrated sources. Create nuanced promotions by giving admins or distributors the autonomy to set up simple promotions complete with an approval process that can pull from specific budgets.

Personalized Awards That Motivate Individuals

Make rewarding easy with options designed to inspire, motivate and recognize your people as unique individuals. Meaningful awards come from personalized experiences. No matter what awards you offer, we’ve got them and will support you with in-house customer care and fulfillment.

  • Customizable and modern catalog
  • Charitable giving and donation options
  • Company and program-branded merchandise
  • Local experiences
  • Individual and custom travel
  • Group incentive travel
  • Gift cards
  • Reloadable cash and pre-paid cards
  • ACH deposits
  • Recognition gifts, like trophies and plaques
  • One-time gifting and engagement kits
  • Micro-incentives
examples of award options
images of channel partner program support team

Ongoing Program Support & Services

Beyond the right incentive and engagement platform, you also deserve a responsive and collaborative team helping you build channel loyalty and advocacy around the world. You’ll get things like:

  • Built-in analyst time to review data and offer insights that help you act
  • Strategic recommendations on program structure or improvement areas
  • Program branding and value prop creation to make your brand and messaging front and center
  • Customer service teams to field participant inquiries
  • Access to our full suite of services, such as to-partner communications, partner events, consulting and primary research.

Integrations Create Enhanced Usability

The best partner experience includes relevant actions, information, alerts and statuses that live outside your incentive platform in your internal databases. Our team has connected hundreds of commercial and home-grown data sources like LMS, PRM, HRIS, CRM, TCMA and more through custom and out-of-the-box integrations.

channel program technology on laptop
examples of channel partner data analytics

Real-Time Access & Visuals of Your Own Data

Your data becomes usable, accessible and relevant for each person consuming it via real-time dashboards tailored to your KPIs, as well as on-demand or custom reporting. Our analysts share proactive suggestions based on insights to ensure your partner incentives remain successful. We’ll never hoard your data. You can access it any time or even send it back to your own systems. Your data is just that—yours.

Fuel the Entire Partner Journey With the Right Incentive Platform