ITA Group Receives Visa DPS Client Achievement Award

ITA Group was recognized at the Visa DPS Users’ Conference in Denver, Colorado, as a DPS Client Achievement Award winner.

A finalist in four of six categories and the sole award recipient in the incentive and recognition space, ITA Group received the Highest Authorization Approval Rate award. The honor recognizes programs displaying a commitment to customer service through high authorization approval rates with a specific focus on managing and controlling risk. Ultimately the award represents ITA Group’s commitment to delivering the highest level of service to its clients’ participants, and ensuring a worry-free, enjoyable experience when using prepaid card products in conjunction with incentive and recognition programs.

About Visa DPS & the DPS Client Achievement Awards

Visa DPS is a global leader in transaction processing solutions. DPS Client Achievement Awards reinforce the partnership between DPS and its clients, and celebrate the fact that programs that process with DPS perform better. The awards recognize clients who achieve the pinnacle of performance in key areas that drive business growth and cardholder satisfaction. The award program’s objectives include:

  • Measuring performance and identifying opportunities to improve operations, potentially resulting in increased revenues, improved efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction
  • Recognizing excellence in the operational performance of DPS issuers
  • Encouraging the continual evolution of processing performance enhancements
  • Helping identify best practices that can help optimize overall portfolio performance
  • Promoting a spirited environment that increases the quality of transaction processing