Increasing Employee Retention With an Improved Global Recognition Solution

How consolidating recognition efforts under a single brand and platform broke down silos, created efficiencies and improved employee experience.

employee recognition program communication flyers

This global defense contractor’s employee recognition program wasn’t working. Besides lacking connection to the organization’s values, programs were siloed by business unit and geography, and administrators were bogged down with manual processes. Additional acquisitions amplified issues, resulting in a fragmented culture without a sense of shared purpose and behaviors. 

To meaningfully connect and engage their people, they needed a big change. And with more than 163,000 employees around the globe, the change had to be universal. The solution? Focus on consistent reinforcement of core values while prioritizing flexibility in when and how employees could recognize and be recognized based on business unit and geography. 

Connecting Employees to Brand Values by Centralizing Recognition

A core values-based earning structure was created to clarify desired behaviors and improve consistency in why employees were recognized, regardless of job function or geography. And, since any employee can recognize a peer for living out those values, the program has become an opportunity to support corporate culture long-term.

Customization and automation within the recognition platform helped achieve necessary flexibility. The secure platform centralized all recognition efforts, shrinking administrative lift while also offering the autonomy needed for each user group’s flow of work. Added bonus? Centralized recognition data enabled use of real-time analytics, better equipping stakeholders to track progress and trends, and identify areas of optimization. 

centralized employee recognition technology in multiple languages

We turned this program on for the world. It’s not just one program. We shut down 12–14 IT tools, 6–7 vendors and moved our three biggest programs onto one platform.

Program Stakeholder/Owner

It was really nice to receive this recognition and award, and to know my hard work and contributions were valued and appreciated. It put a big smile on my face. Recognizing and awarding our employees is a great way to motivate each other and build a company culture where people want to work hard, contribute and succeed.

Program Participant

Sustained Engagement Strategies Ensure Continued Global Success

In addition to a revamped strategy and state-of-the-art platform, segmented and in-country translated communications enhance the recognition experience by encouraging participation and increasing relevance. And, locally sourced awards ensure that no matter where employees are, they can select meaningful, culturally relevant awards that reinforce the value they provide through the work they do.

employee recognition program communications campaign

Success by the Numbers

Years into the partnership, recognition activity is stronger than ever and so is the solution’s impact on the business.

15% retention improvement among new hires who receive at least one recognition

1,136,752 moments of appreciation given since the program launched

83% of employees received recognition

$182M in savings from reduced employee turnover