How a tech hardware manufacturer saw 400% ROI with their global reps

Results soared by eliminating the disconnect between effort and award

tech manufacturer incentives program platform on ipad

Our technology manufacturing client knew staying competitive hinged on two major factors: creating partner network loyalty and breaking into new global markets. In addition, speed to market was critical as their technologies often set the standard for the next generation of products.

To grow sales and profitability, our client decided to conduct a channel sales incentive for their 14,000+ global sales reps. But what they implemented was a heavily manual, sluggish process that lacked motivational appeal because of the lengthy timeframe between rewards earned and rewards delivered.

Driving sales required speedier global awards

The hardware manufacturer turned to ITA Group for help. The need for speed was critical; a diverse audience and heated battle for market share upped the ante. Our incentive experts developed a single platform that automated the sales claim process by incorporating immediate claim approval or denial and automatic award point deposit. Furthermore, personalisation of the online award catalogue was designed to identify the sales reps’ global location, so language, products and relevant brands adjusted to fit the reward winner.

Limitless earning captured rep attention and drove loyalty

We supported our client by bucking the system and doing away with the earning ceiling. Where competitors programs would cap a sales reps’ potential to earn, our client threw out these arbitrary, long-established restrictions to capture reps’ attention and loyalty. Engagement was further improved with brand-new earning opportunities including training, quizzes and promotions.

Promotions transcend global boundaries for real-time responses

Because the marketplace morphs at different intervals across the globe, our client needed the ability to respond quickly to the needs of individual countries. ITA Group’s user-centric platform allowed regional reactions across 44 countries and translation into nine languages to stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow market share. 



participating countries


increase in participants submitting claims


increase in partner loyalty YOY



The program is right up there with the best of the incentive programs I’ve participated in.

Partner Sales Rep