Meet Our Leadership Team

A passionate, inspired team of leaders each bring their own energy and expertise to ITA Group—reasons that ultimately help us achieve higher levels of success. 

I am inspired by the employee owners of ITA Group. They are the reason I work hard to create an environment where all team members are respected and can leverage their talents and passions; an environment where we are collectively empowered to help our clients drive results.

President & Chief Executive Officer

We all search for inspiration. When surrounded by strong, intelligent team members, I get satisfied. When team members are also scientific experts, I get engaged. And when there is a culture of trust and respect, I get inspired. ITA Group culture is the reason I can carry the weight.

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

I really enjoy seeing the energy and passion of ITA Group Team members solving problems and unlocking opportunities with our clients. I’m motivated by helping clients develop deeper, emotional connections between their brand and their customers.

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

At ITA Group, we have the ability to inspire teamwork and excellence in all we do, say and believe. It’s the reason I’m personally and passionately driven to cultivate optimism in how we lead and support our own people, as well as our clients and their people.

Senior Vice President, Client Services & Award Services

At ITA Group, people are our passion. When they can discover their purpose and live their passion, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. The multitude of opportunities I have to encourage others, advocate for them and help them succeed is the reason for my passion.

Vice President, People & Culture

I love that our solutions drive results for our clients and our successes create wealth for our employee owners. Our business really does reach out and touch individual people—engaging, motivating, and rewarding them—and this is the reason I’m passionate about our company and what we do.

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

People who are passionate about what they do and view challenges as opportunities are the reason I’m inspired by ITA Group and our business. Working with a team of talented, driven colleagues who constantly seek more is what allows us to lead the way in our industry and create unprecedented success for our clients.

Senior Vice President, Event Management

I am excited each day to empower our highly talented, customer-focused, creative team members to continually seek to improve and enhance our solutions. Doing so allows our clients and participants to have a true ITA Group experience, and delivering that experience is the reason for my commitment to this great organization.

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

My inspiration comes from supporting and developing my team. We have the opportunity to design purposeful strategies, develop compelling storylines and execute innovative, impactful communications. Their creative talents are the reason culture, collaboration and success are significant—inside and outside our walls.

Vice President, Communication Solutions

I’m inspired by our clients; they give me oxygen! My competitive nature is fueled by the challenge of developing creative strategies in support of their business objectives. There is nothing better than witnessing our team members serve our clients with that same energy and passion—all in the spirit of delivering positive results each year. It’s magic!

Vice President, Client Strategy