Our Story

Like our organization’s founders, we believe the world is meant to be explored and experiences should be real. Personal. Honest. And first-class. That’s why we’ve set the standard in our industry—and kept it going for 55+ years—in providing the best service and being the ideal partner to drive audience engagement and bottom-line business results. 

ITA Group, Inc. Family of Companies

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What Makes Us So Extraordinary?

We’re a team of cheerleaders and memory-makers. Big thinkers and detail-doers. We continually ask, “How can we be better for our clients?” The science of human behavior is the core of everything we do, because it all comes down to creating personalized experiences and inspiring emotional connections that produce desired outcomes for our clients.

We Believe the World Should be Explored

For us, embracing disruption and pushing boundaries is both the challenge and the reward. We’ll go to the ends of the earth—literally—to drive your business and celebrate your arrival at your destination in the most unexpected and enchanted ways. Delivering world-class experiences that recognize audiences and achievements will always be our greatest privilege.


We’re 100% Invested in Our Clients’ Success

As employee owners, we’ve gotta be. Your success is ours, so from the big picture to the tiny details, we’re committed to you and your vision. An agile agency, we’re by your side every step of the way, ensuring we remain flexible while working to achieve and exceed your goals.

We Know Motivation (It’s Kind of Our Thing) 

Motivation is personal, which is why our engagement experts infuse an intentional mix of motivators—both intrinsic and extrinsic—into every plan we craft and every solution we deliver. We know how to create the exact blend that will impact your audience at an individual level.

We’re Crazy About Driving Results

A noisy world needs a driving force to create clarity. Our family of companies offers a suite of services that make us a powerhouse. From market research, to event production and everything in between, we work seamlessly to deliver and drive business results. Period.


We Put Service First. Always.

We continually work to deliver excellence while maintaining the integrity of your investment. Our negotiations are comprehensive, and with ongoing ISO certification, our clients are recipients of the highest quality standard, complete with a focus on continual improvement and customer satisfaction.


We Get So Much by Giving 

We’re passionate about the communities we live and work in, and we’re equally passionate about reinvesting in them. Serving others is foundational to our values, so we’re dedicated to doing our part—and we gain so much in return. 


We Know True Partnerships Are Built on Shared Goals

We’re all in when it comes to driving change and results. That confidence comes from a longstanding history of delivering on our promises. We’re steadfast in our belief in accountability and integrity, which is why we’re willing to share the risk each time you invest in a new engagement initiative. 


We’re Open Books. Literally.  

To us, trust means open communication and open books. Any dollar spent on your behalf is documented and shared with you, and any cost-savings come back to you. It’s a style we take to heart, and our own books reflect it. We’re proud to say we’re a 100%-debt-free organization so our focus can be on you, our client. 

Our Expertise Bolsters Evolution 

We’re hard-wired for purposeful change. Intentional innovation comes from our diverse teams working across trades and time zones to bring fresh ideas and meaningful recommendations. We start by listening first, so we can leverage our expertise insightfully. 

We Think Being Nice Is a Good Thing

Relationships are everything—and we go above and beyond to foster them. The partnerships we’ve built—with hotel groups, destination management companies, convention bureaus, national tourist offices and specialty venues—are key to providing our clients with exclusive access to the most select venues and attractions across the globe.


Our Vision Continues To Flourish

We're crafting creative and exceptional experiences for our clients and ourselves every day. We believe connecting people to their passion fosters creativity and innovation. And we believe when that connection is made—the results are amazing.

99% Client Retention // 94% Client Satisfaction // 1,206,167 Participants Served This Year // 97% Participant Satisfaction