Incentive Solutions That Drive Behavior Change

Business is becoming increasingly transactional, causing a decline in customer loyalty. Organizations must reach their customers better and differently to convert them into long-term brand advocates.

So, how do you reinforce positive behaviors among direct sales teams, channel partners and service-based teams to positively transform the customer experiences?

Our behavioral science experts design incentive program strategies that emotionally connect your people with customers using data-driven insights, simplifying the participant and admin experience, implementing retention solutions and reinforcing performance.

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Our Approach to Driving Behavior Change With an Incentive Program

Motivating audiences to achieve clear, measurable goals comes to life through proactive, nimble strategies backed by a user-centric engagement hub, ongoing communications and insightful measurement and analytics. See how.


Create measurable goals aligned with your objectives to ensure a strong ROI. Apply the right mix of recognition, awards and experiences to foster long-term behavior change.

  • Research & Evaluation
  • Program Analysis
  • Program Strategy
  • Program Rule Structure Design
  • Behavioral Analysis & Recommendations
  • Journey Mapping
  • Program Simplification & Consolidation Strategy


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incentives analytics dashboard on ipad

Data Insights

In-house analytics experts monitor quantitative and qualitative data trends, identify what’s working and show you exactly where to focus your attention to achieve your specific objectives.

  • Audience Insights
  • Profiles, Personas & Scorecards
  • Measurement, KPI, Goal & Benchmark Planning
  • Interactive Dashboards & Data Visualization
  • Forecasting & Predictive Modeling
  • Audience Segmentation



Run incentives on your terms. Flexible technology integrates with your existing systems so it can run promotions for the audiences and behaviors you want, the way you want.

  • Dealer Engagement Hubs
  • Incentive Platforms
  • Points Programs
  • Engagement Portals
  • Gamification
  • Learning & Training Tools
  • Integration Managements & Support
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incentive communications campaign


Compelling communications keep your incentive program and objectives top of mind. The right message explains what audiences should do, why it matters, how they’ll go about it and—most important—what’s in it for them.

  • Engagement Strategies
  • Program Branding & Messaging
  • Marketing & Communication strategy
  • UX Assessments
  • Communication Execution

Solution Management

At your service. Day in and day out. A single point-of-contact as an extension of your team for implementation, ongoing support and overall management to ensure seamless execution.

  • Brainstorm & Advisory Sessions
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Yearly Optimization Sessions
  • Onboarding & Implementation Support
  • Budget Management & Tax Reporting
  • System Configuration


ITA Group team working on incentive strategy

A Deeper Look at What Increases Motivation

In this 3-minute video, behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely partnered with ITA Group to explain how people’s motivation changes based on award type. The study sheds light on what truly creates long-term behavior change. Learn more in the video.

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