Employee Engagement Strategies That Strengthen Your Organization

Create High-Impact Moments That Improve Employee Experience & Connect Your People

Top workplaces create a culture that recognizes and celebrates their people. And the best employee engagement programs do even more than that. They connect your people to their purpose, to each other and to your employer brand promise.

So, how do you ensure employees feel valued and motivated to do their best work?

Design personalized employee engagement strategies and experiences. Ones that focus on attracting and retaining top talent, whether they’re deskless, remote or office based. Ones that empower your people to thrive. And ones that make your organization a great place to work.

Improve Your Employee Engagement Today.

Services That Motivate & Engage Your Employees

What makes the best employee experience? A strategic mix of these services designed specifically for your brand and people. Together, they will improve your culture, validate your employer brand promises and achieve your objectives.

“We know that this program is having an impact—you see the happiness and the joy it brings to our people. It's making an impact on their lives and on what they believe their purpose is at our organization. We want to be best-in-class and having ITA Group as a partner and our program as a tool is what is going to help us get there.”

—VP, Human Resources

Employee Experience Challenges Expertly Addressed

“I know my organization needs to change, but where do I even begin?”

Understand Your People’s Needs With Research & Behavioral Science

Take the guesswork out by relying on expert guidance to help you understand how to create high-impact moments for your people.

See how our consulting and strategy helped modernize a medical device company's corporate values and change employee behaviors. View the Client Story

“How do I reinforce key behaviors and improve employee engagement?”

Connect With Your People Using  Proven Employee Engagement Strategies

The way you recognize, celebrate and communicate with employees is how you show them purpose in the work they do and that your culture reflects their values.

Explore how an insurance broker boosted engagement by rallying their entire organization to work together to achieve a lofty goal. View the Client Story

“I have numerous people in different types of roles. How do we create personalized experiences for all of them?”

Increase Connection With Personalized Experiences

Nobody wants to feel like a number. Tailoring employees’ experiences based on the work they do and where they do it shows you understand their day-to-day and are going the extra mile to reach them where they are.

Learn how a global retailer united their workforce using a segmented approach to recognition, incentives and rewards. View the Client Story

“How do I make sure my programs are getting the results we want?”

Evaluate & Optimize Initiatives With Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics for admins and leaders monitor impact at the program-level and organization-level. You’ll know exactly how each program is performing and affecting the business to help you build your case.

Find out how a healthcare provider was able to improve engagement scores, satisfaction and retention with their recognition program. View the Client Story

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Benefit From a Strategic Partnership With ITA Group

No matter the program, no matter your goals, our employee experience consultants know how to improve employee engagement specifically for your organization and your people. Learn more in the video.

“I adore our partnership—it’s fantastic. You’re never afraid to tell us when there could be a better way of doing something. I don’t have this relationship with other vendors and that’s because I truly believe we’re in this together. You’re the experts and I look to you for help and you never disappoint. You’re the best partner I have.”

—HR Leader

Client Stories

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