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Sales & Market Share



The competition for sales and market share in today’s marketplace is fierce.


While your sales and channel partners are working hard for you, they may need a nudge to achieve more.

To confuse matters, every member of your sales team is motivated differently, and sales channels can range from simple to complex. Identifying the areas where you can maximize bottom-line impact is critical to the success of your organization.

That’s where ITA Group comes in. With decades of experience combined with our own brand of motivation we call Motivology®, we inspire sales and channel partners to achieve more and drive maximized results. And with a strategic approach and a wide array of award, travel and incentive solutions designed to drive sales and market share, we deliver the right strategy for success.




In situations where employers or providers are able to deliver rewards and incentives tailored to the individual, they should. — Incentive Research Foundation

The use of non-cash vs. cash awards ultimately increased overall employee satisfaction, inherently helping drive organizations’ overall core business objectives. — Journal of Economic Psychology


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  • Service Incentives: Ensure a satisfied, loyal customer base through strategic service incentives that motivate your team to perform at a high level.
  • Events: Transform your event into an experience with powerful brand messaging and flawless execution that engages your audience before, during and after the event—and ultimately aligns them to your business objectives.
  • Awards Experiences: Take the complexity out of implementing and managing a total awards system with a fast, efficient online awards solution.