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Product & Brand Awareness


Facilitating a positive brand experience, whether it’s through an experiential event or razor-sharp communications, increases the likelihood consumers will buy your product or service.


More than that, they’ll tell their friends about it, spreading your product and brand awareness like wildfire.

So, how do great companies identify and build passionate brand advocates? How do they turn passers-by into loyal fans of their company and brands?

By creating an incredible experience, you're ensuring attendees leave your event ready to buy—and ready to tell everyone about your product or service. Brand advocates like these, who can be identified and nurtured through communication strategies before, during and after your event, create a powerful surge in success for your brand—and your bottom line.




65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales— Event Marketing Institute

83% of marketers cited increasing sales as their top event marketing goal. — Center for Exhibition Industry Research


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