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Check out how ITA Group has been making news in the industry.

Bring Your Own Team Hiring Program

Are you a developer, business analyst or quality assurance analyst? Do you work with a group of others that make you better at your job? If so, you’re in luck. Introducing Bring Your Own Team, a new initiative from ITA Group.  Read More >

Innovative Distributor Solution Streamlines Incentives, Boosts Profitability

ITA Group is proud to announce the release of AMP: The Distributor Solution—the tool every distributor needs to produce amplified loyalty and profits in their incentive program. With cutting-edge technology that features a central portal that houses incentive efforts, distributors can easily cut down on administrative effort. And, with real-time reporting, AMP gets the aggregated information distributors need to excite their stakeholders. Read More >

ITA Group Expands in Southern California, Targets Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

West Des Moines, IA –  ITA Group, a leader in events, incentives and recognition programs, is expanding its Southern California operation with the addition of a new Business Development Manager, Taya Paige. Based out of Orange County, Paige will work with a variety of companies in Southern California. She will also have a specialized focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare meetings, incentives and recognition programs. Read More >