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Market Science to Drive Your Business Forward

Harness the power of data-driven insights to motivate and build lasting connections with your customers, employees and partners. From simple questions to complex inquiries—we can help.

In addition to our in-house experts, we’ve grown to include acclaimed market research firm and AMA Gold Top 50 company, Chadwick Martin Bailey. CMB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITA Group, is an industry leader working on the cutting-edge of market science. CMB combines powerful predictive analytics with deep expertise in consumer psychology to help leading brands make the critical decisions that drive growth. Learn more about CMB.


ITA Group | Chadwick Martin Bailey

Delivering Better Results

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to solving your business challenge. ITA Group and CMB will partner with you to tackle your strategic questions, support your critical decisions, and build programs that give you a competitive advantage.

Contact us to learn more about how CMB can help, including:

Payout Prioritization Icon

Pay-out Prioritization

Determine the best mix of realistic customer offerings that garner the desired behavior and generate brand advocates.

Path to Purchase Icon


Uncover and quantify the purchase journey of your partners decision-makers and consumers. Invest in the incentives that drive and motivate desired behaviors.

Consumer Loyalty Optimization Icon

Consumer Loyalty Optimization

Ensure your program blueprint is driving the desired repeat purchases and ongoing brand interaction with consumers.

Co-creation Sessions

Co-creation Sessions

Harness unmet customer needs and tap into the potential of new ideas with a facilitated workshop.

Cutting-Edge Science, Real-Life Action

Critical insights that drive growth—that is the mission of CMB and ITA Group. Together, our capabilities include:

Solution Analytics Icon

Solution Analytics

Measurement and analysis, data visualization and solution optimization to ensure continued program success.

Brand Health and Positioning Icon

Brand Health & Positioning

Looking ahead to future success with next generation brand performance measurement.

Customer Journey and Loyalty Icon Icon

Customer Journey & Loyalty

Quantifying moments of truth on the complex path from awareness to advocacy.

Growth and Innovation Icon Icon

Growth & Innovation

Prioritizing and optimizing the right thing at the right time and to the right people.

Market Strategy Icon

Market Strategy

Building your playbook to compete, grow and thrive in a changing market.

Qualitative Expertise Icon

Qualitative Expertise

Developing new hypotheses, building and iterating concepts, crafting messaging in your customers’ language. Co-creating solutions and telling richer and truer stories.

Advanced and Predictive Analytics Icon

Advanced & Predictive Analytics

Harnessing the power of data from multiple sources to gain a competitive advantage.

Contact us about your market research and strategic analytic needs today.