Winning the Hearts and Minds of Employees

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A Guide for Sustainable Change Management

Webinar Presented by WorldatWork and ITA Group

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Renowned author and management consultant Peter Drucker once said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Positive organizational culture, loosely defined, is the intangible attraction people and clients have to your company. And, if you want to win the talent war, it’s your secret weapon.

Without the right approach to managing change, crisis-stricken culture will tear down any strategy—nothing else matters if people distrust their jobs, their place in your organization or your organization itself.

Studies show that the key to successful organizational transformations is found by deploying effective behavioral-change strategies in conjunction with a strong focus on building culture.

What can companies like yours do to win the hearts and minds of employees and successfully navigate organizational change? Find out in our webinar, presented in partnership with WorldatWork.

Winning the Hearts & Minds of Employees: A Guide for Sustainable Change Management

Available On-Demand

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have:

  • A better understanding of successful change-management strategies
  • Practical steps to assessing organizational culture gaps
  • Best practices for driving intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in employees
  • Examples of effective behavioral-change communications
  • An outline for measuring results and creating more opportunities for growth
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