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Client Challenges

Lagging housing market
Sluggish home construction market
Low market share

Our client, a premier wholesaler of plumbing, electric, HVAC, industrial and waterworks products, was looking for a way to grow and prosper in a slumping housing market. In the late 2000s, the housing market sunk, and many wholesalers catering to plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors felt the pinch, including our client. How could our client boost sales, corner their niche and weather the recession at the same time? We had a few ideas.

Client Objectives

Improve top-line sales and gross margin
Improve top-line sales and gross margin
Enhance market share
Enhance market share
Grow despite the recession
Grow despite the recession

Our Approach

For everyone, success means something a little different. Whittling down “wants” into “needs” helps clarify a strategy and solution. Big changes require big ideas and seemingly impossible execution.

Luckily, at ITA Group, navigating the impossible is precisely what we do. With over 50 years in the incentive and motivation industry, we know what it takes to achieve your goals, no matter how lofty.


We discovered that the knowledge of local company owners was the key to a personalized experience—and success.

See what else we learned in our business assessment.

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Program Design

Now that we know where and why the problems existed, how do we repair them? The secret lies with building momentum, not creating growth from scratch.

Take a closer look at that and other ways we inspired top performance.

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With a one-two punch of creative copy and incredible design, we draw participants into the program through communication.

See other ways we incited participation through communication.

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On the job site, in the office and on the go, our audience needed flexible technology to participate and thrive in the program.

See how a custom-crafted online approach builds momentum.

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The future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades. And so do our program participants.

See how targeted awards can offer powerful results.

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That strategy paid off—big time. After the first year, our client was hooked: triple-digit ROI, an enormous bump in sales by active customers and more. And that was just the beginning. For the next four years, the program offered incredible results.

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Program Results

Average return on investment per year from 2010-2014
Increase in sales by active customers from 2010-2014
Participation rate among local companies in 2015

ITA Group continues to prove that channel incentive programs can drive sales momentum, align your team, boost brand engagement and generate a stellar ROI. In fact, programs like this have been proven to sustain engagement and loyalty even when the program is taken away.

Participant Experience

But it’s not all about ROI. A participant’s experience can’t be summarized on a calculator. At ITA Group, we do what we do for the people and companies involved. We help you make an emotional connection with your clients—which gives an incredible framework for success.

  • We work hard... thank you for making a reward program that benefits not just us, but our employees and our family. Thank you! -- Program Participant
  • We were excited to see that we could earn a nice LG dishwasher for our kitchen upgrade. As it was not out of pocket cost, we are very excited to be able to increase our budget for the rest of our kitchen upgrade. Thanks! -- Program Participant
  • I was able to get a couple things I needed as well as go to a NASCAR race with my spouse! -- Program Participant

Don’t be a means to an end—own your spot in the channel. Want to learn how you can drive loyalty and profitability in your channel?