Virtual Event Don’ts: How to Avoid Cringe Moments

Carrie Winton
Carrie Winton

An in-person event, by its very nature, is an occasion that you’re physically at as a captive audience. On the virtual event side, people went into it earlier this year with an expectation that they could flip the switch and re-create the in-person in a virtual scenario—and that’s led to disappointment.

A virtual event is a form of content that can be used in a lot of different ways, and the more successful virtual events are going into it with that mind-set. Audiences want to consume content on their time—when they’re ready. Twenty percent (20%) of the attendees are responsible for 80% of the live chat and networking, and the other 80% are there just to passively consume the content. You can’t re-create an in-person event on a screen, but there are a few common mistakes you can learn from to make your virtual event more successful.

How to Avoid Virtual Event Cringe Moments Infographic

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If you’re only relying on the number of virtual event attendees to gauge success, don’t. Your numbers need a critical eye to measure success. When attendees don’t take action, you haven’t engaged them—and it can also indicate you had a number of lurkers.

Related: The immediate transition to virtual left many experimenting. And when asked, “Was it profitable?” According to Event MB study, 39% of event professionals say, “no.” To help uncover the best path forward, we developed a virtual event pricing calculator you can use to model the impact of various scenarios on overall ROI of the event.

Want to better understand your numbers and assess event ROI? Even in the face of a changing business environment, demonstrating event ROI to leaders and stakeholders is possible—and it’s vital to the future of your event. Download our white paper to learn how you can measure engagement against your objectives.

Measuring the Success of Your Virtual Event White Paper

Carrie Winton

Carrie Winton

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