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Moving Beyond Rebates

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How Distributors Can Use Incentives to Increase Influence and Communicate Value

Presented by ITA Group and MDM

Moving Beyond RebatesRebates have long played a critical role for distributors, many of which rely on the returns they get from these incentives to remain profitable.

But the market is changing, and as a result, programs centered on buying more from manufacturers may have run their course. Defining a replacement incentive structure, however, is complex.

In our 60-minute on-demand webinar, Moving Beyond Rebates: How Distributors Can Use Incentives to Increase Influence and Communicate Value, industry veteran Mike Workman and David Reisner, director of strategic design and integration for ITA Group, discuss the role of rebates in distribution and how they are changing.

Learn more about how alternative incentive programs, such as "prebates" or customer loyalty programs, may provide even greater benefits to distributors than traditional volume-based programs.

Get expert tips on:

  • How the changing market has redefined rebates
  • How distributors can increase their influence with customers and manufacturers
  • The impact incentives have on distributors' bottom lines
  • Alternative incentive strategies for distributors

This webinar will offer actionable insights into the power of incentives. Stay on top of what’s changing and learn how to get more out of your channel.

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