Motivating Your Sales Team to Prepare for Tomorrow

ITA Group
ITA Group

So, I get this new tablet. And for a flash of an instant, I’m savvy. I’ve upped my tech game. But before I can even download my first app, they’ve released a bigger (or smaller), better, faster, shinier version. And…squirrel! I’m off chasing the next big thing. I think I have it bad as a consumer.

How do you as a company react to this lightning-fast pace? How are you keeping your sales channel partners up to speed, educated and certified on your latest technology? How do you ensure your channel sales reps can confidently recommend your product over another right at that critical moment? 

Have you considered tying your training and certification to a targeted short-term incentive? Imagine having the ability to impact behavior the day after, or even the day before, you release a new product.

Being prepared is what it’s all about. Having an awards platform that’s already in place—and that’s nimble, global, data-driven, robust and a line of communication with those that have the most impact on your bottom line—is critical today. Are you “talking” to the channel sales reps one-on-one?  Rewarding them for attending training, webinars, events and trade shows, for getting certified, and ultimately, for selling your product? Are they listening?  

Having the ability to offer short-term incentives that are meaningful, motivating and timely is crucial to your success. And immediately communicating that to your channel partners is equally as important. But you don’t have time to manage that yourself. Look for a true partner that’s vested in your success. A partner that knows your business and can react faster than you can. A partner that manages those details for you.  

Take the time today to prepare for tomorrow’s customers by taking care of the partners today that can help you the most tomorrow.