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Client Challenges

Three years of flat loan volume.
Current cash-for-contract incentive not moving the needle.
Relying too heavily on top-performing dealers.

That was the struggle for one Fortune 500 financial institution. F&I Managers at auto, RV and marine dealerships simply weren’t driving loan volume. Enough was enough. Our client needed serious momentum in their dealer channel. NOW!

Client Objectives

Motivate dealers to increase loan production
Motivate dealers to increase loan production
Maintain momentum among top-performing dealers
Maintain momentum among top-performing dealers
Grow market share
Grow market share
Increase loyalty among all participating dealers
Increase loyalty among all participating dealers

Our Approach

There’s a science to what we’ve been doing the last 50 years. Not beakers and Bunsen burner science. But people science. The science of motivation. Human beings have an intrinsic need to achieve. And they have the smarts to repeat behavior that leads to a positive outcome. ITA Group creates incentives and recognition programs to help organizations capitalize on that.  

Our approach involves integrating assessment, strategy, communications, technology, awards, and finally, measurement.


We found 52% of the program audience was doing zero business with our client.

See what else we discovered in our business assessment.

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Program Design

We learned so much in our assessment. We knew where, when and why performance gaps existed. Now, it was time to fix them. Critical to that effort was segmenting the audience.

Take a closer look at that and other ways we inspired top performance.

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For maximum impact, we customized our program announcement to fit each audience segment.

See other ways we built program momentum through communication.

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And flexibility.

See how a little custom configuration led to one of our most successful tech solutions yet.

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A restored ’67 Mustang.
A rare breed of dog.
A spectacular saddle. 

See how our awards strategy helped spark personal, powerful program connections.

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ITA Group moved the needle.  In fact, you could say we broke it.

Our Methodology

  • Annually, ITA Group does a year-over-year sales analysis looking at program impact at each dealership tier. We suggest modification where needed.
  • We analyze data throughout the program to provide the most timely picture of performance.
  • Non-enrolled dealers are our control group. (The program is equally marketed to enrolled and non-enrolled dealers)
  • Two consistent measurements have been used: ROI and Market Share

So what happened? Check it out.

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Program Results

Increased loan volume in the billions. Off-the-charts ROI. And a very engaged and loyal channel. ITA Group continues to prove that when your people are aligned with your mission and fully engaged, they will be unstoppable.

Percentage enrolled dealers out-performed non-enrolled dealers. That's billions in increased loan volume.
The ROI that the program has generated in nine years of operation.
Percentage of enrolled dealers that said the program motivates them to increase loan volume.

Surveys say... F&I Managers remain LOYAL to our client because of this program.

Participant Experience

At the end of the day, this isn’t about figures and formulas. It’s about people. We believe your program's success, much like your company's, hinges on creating an emotional connection with your people. When that connection is made, performance becomes memorable and measureable.

  • I used my points to create the ultimate man cave. Big-screen, game system, recliners, the works! It's my invite-only retreat. I worked hard for it, which makes it that much sweeter to hang out in!
  • Through the program, I scored tickets for my wife and me, and my parents, to a SOLD-OUT Jimmy Buffet concert! Unforgettable.
  • One participant redeems points regularly for big-ticket items. He raffles them to raise funds for a breast cancer foundation in his daughter's name.
  • One participant used his points to rent the local movie theater twice, so each of his daughters could have her own birthday bash!
  • I saved up enough points to book a week-long archery bear hunt for my husband and me in Ontario, canada.

Let's talk about the opportunity for significant growth in your sales channel. Time to align and engage this important audience for powerful and noticeable change in your bottom line.