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Client Challenges

Enticing independent store owners to invest in their business in ways that generate sales and customer loyalty
Establishing a uniform appearance for independent stores (inside and out) to promote the corporate brand
Promoting training and certification among independent store employees
Encouraging adoption of local and national advertising and sponsorships by independently owned stores

Our client is a North American distributor of aftermarket products in the highly commoditized and competitive automotive parts industry. With a business model that does not require adherence to strict guidelines or procedures to be part of its aftermarket distribution, things like store hours, inventory, location appearance and operations are all up to each independent store owner.

But with a strong and timeless reputation, plus a brand that offers customers the best warranty in the business, it’s critical to uphold both its brand and its image. That’s why we work closely with our client to design and deliver an annual incentive travel solution that inspires loyalty, creates brand awareness and drives sales among nearly 2,000 independent store owners.

Client Objectives

Increase product sales with incentive travel programs
Increase overall product sales by 7% year over year
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Establish best practices for independent store owners
Build independent store loyalty toward brand-specific products
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Ensure independent retail location employees are trained and certified
Billboard for advertisements
Encourage adoption of corporate advertising programs

Our Approach

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and the business gives us valuable insight when it comes to tailoring a strong solution that—after 15 years—is a core component of the client’s independent store culture.

Due to heavy competition in the industry, we continue to collaborate with our client to conduct critical and valuable assessment of earning criteria annually. And we apply MotivologySM, our unique brand of motivation, to identify and balance the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators needed to move the identified audience. Together, our assessment and motivation strategy allow us to continually deliver a best-in-class incentive travel opportunity focused on best practices and sales.

Program Design

Relying on more than a decade of program experience and extensive industry knowledge, ITA Group continues to propose year-over-year modifications to the structure of the client’s existing program. The overarching goal? Deliver a refined, relevant incentive solution that entices stores to voluntarily adhere to desired organizational best practices and increase sales.

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Utilizing a strategic communication campaign, we have been able to reinforce the incentive travel opportunity annually by communicating to more than 1,900 participants on a bimonthly basis.

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From the time participants learn about the yearlong earning opportunity until it’s time to register for the event, they have 24/7 access to key program details and personal earning data that relates to their success.

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Incentive Travel Award

 From sun and sand to historic and cultural, the incentive travel opportunity features a new premier destination annually. And with exclusive on-site experiences and an incomparable level of service, store owners are recipients of a truly exceptional incentive travel award experience.

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The numbers tell a story of immense value. Annual analysis of the incentive travel solution reveals that the program isn’t just part of the culture—it drives the culture. And, from a sales perspective, award-winning stores lead the way.  

Program Results

of eligible store owners have achieved award-winning status at least once since 2002
of winners annually are first-time achievers
average sales increase by award-winning independent retail locations


Program winners see a 3x greater increase in sales compared with the universal independent store owner audience.


Participant Experience

Our goal is to deliver a unique, memorable, exciting, can’t-get-anywhere-else experience—what that looks like through the eyes of a participant is different for every winner.

You, too, can strategically inspire loyalty and generate results with an incentive travel solution.

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