How a Thriving Company Culture Motivates Your Sales Reps

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Company Culture and Sales Motivation

Your sales reps push hard to help your company. But, with a thriving company culture, they’ll stay even more engaged and do even more for your company.

How? By optimizing your employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives to deliver bottom-line results.

According to Aon Hewitt, engaged employees give 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to resign. Keeping those people engaged can boost retention and boost bottom-line results for companies.

When you incent your people intrinsically and extrinsically—through learning opportunities, catalog points to earn tangible awards, progress to goal tracking, social opportunities and more—you’ll see the benefits of employee wellbeing.

What’s it really like to work for a company with a thriving, motivating company culture? Check out this infographic for a week in the life of three employees at a company with a best-in-class company culture.

A Week in the Life of a Sales Team Powered by Whole-Employee Wellbeing Infographic

So many different people, each with different motivators, and each involved in different programs. How do you keep them engaged, and how can stakeholders and participants keep track of everything that’s going on?

That’s the power of an employee experience solution from ITA Group.

When you consolidate your recognition, performance and wellness initiatives onto one platform, you’ll get more from your program. And, on top of that, you’ll promote whole-employee wellbeing, boost employee engagement and get the ROI growth your company needs.

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