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Holiday Party Planning: Create Spaces for Every Type of Personality

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The holiday season is a great time to bring people together and celebrate with a little fun and frivolity. But is everyone having a great time? It can be tricky to plan a party that works for everyone, because there are so many different personalities and preferences.

The glitz and glam of crazy parties with hundreds on the guest list might be appealing to extroverts. They gain energy as they interact with people and love talking. But you can’t forget about introverts, quiet by nature, who can easily get lost in the crowd, overshadowed by more outgoing personalities. That’s why it’s so important to have a mix of areas that consider all your attendees’ personalities.

Here are some of the event spaces we’ve created to resonate with attendees—from those craving the spotlight to the wistful wallflower.

People playing video games in a mobile video game truck at an event

The GameTruck

Small groups and intimate spaces are little things introverts really appreciate. So why not consider a space that provides both while also creating new shared experiences that value diversity, honor differences and promote teamwork. Whether your game of choice is "Super Smash Brothers" or you’re just wanting to watch a round of "Fortnight," GameTruck can make it happen in a setting that connects team members over the shared love of gaming.


Woman singing karaoke on stage at a corporate event

The Karaoke Stage

Some people simply shine brightest when all eyes are on them. The extroverts at your holiday party will love hopping on stage to serenade the crowd. Add a live band to the mix and you’ve created a rock star experience that’s definitely going to turn heads.


Pile of giant teddy bears at an event

The Dream

A space to collect your thoughts and recover is exactly what an introvert needs if you want them to stick around until last call. The Dream space was designed to feel like, well, a dream with stunning art from the “Burner culture”—think Burning Man. And the best part? The inclusion of hundreds of giant teddy bears in a bear hug area where you'd just lay and hang out.


Woman taking a picture at a photo booth at an event

Photo Booths

Creating shared memories connects all personality types. Attendees can take photos with one another and in doing so connect as friends rather than coworkers. Plus, a photo booth offers the option to share, either with close friends over email or posting them on the event app—or posting to the social media masses.


Example of a fun event party setup at a venue

The Beach Café

Unfortunately, not every location can be on the water. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a Miami Beach style party for those that want the Spring Break feeling. Designed with the poolside vibe, it is a space that had different inflatables of all shapes and sizes where people could hang out and connect. Best of all, attendees could walk out with one to take home if they wanted.


Vehicle shaped like a bee in an event space

The Hive

Chandeliers that resemble dripping honey, accent panels that echo honeycomb, bee decals on bars and a buzz-worthy bee artcar really drive the feeling of entering The Hive. The silent disco connects extroverts and introverts in a unique way because you can be interacting with those around you without ever speaking a word—you can simply buzz together as one.


Group of event attendees making blankets to donate to a charity as part of event give back

A Space to Give Back

It’s that time of the year when it’s more fun to give than receive. Making time and space for your team to work together and give back to local charities can help bolster a positive, thriving environment at work. A variety of individual and group tasks will help ensure a mix of personalities who, ultimately, share the same goal: leaving the world a little better than they found it. 


Ready to exceed expectations? All it takes is a spark of creativity, bold ideas and just a little bit of event magic to craft a memorable holiday party that will leave everyone—extroverts and introverts alike—feeling cherished all night long.

Be sure to download the Growing Your Brand Through Immersive Experiences for even more tips on taking your next event to new heights.