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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Top Award Trends This Season

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As we approach the holiday season, it becomes time to think back on the year of success your organization has enjoyed—thanks in part to the hard work your people have put in. They bring your corporate vision to life and execute upon your mission every single day. Get some ideas for showing your appreciation with the following top award trends this season. From electronics to charitable giving options, there are gift ideas for everyone on your list.


Technology Gifts

This trend is all about simplifying life with multifunctional products that support the interconnected smart home.

Smart Home and Connectivity

  • Google Home and Google Home Mini—Wouldn't it be easier if you could get all your answers in the moment without having to type a question in your phone or computer? Well, now you can. With Google Home, get the answers you need, play a song or turn your lights on and off with the power of just your voice. 
  • Amazon Echo—For those who prefer Amazon's Alexa product over Google Home, Amazon Echo is a type of smart speaker that connects to Alexa to answer your questions with your voice from any room in your home.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat E—Another smart home innovation is the Nest thermostat. Nest learns how you like your home environment after you use it for one week. Save energy and rest easy when you're away from home knowing Nest will alert you if there's something wrong, such as furnace issues.
  • iRobot Roomba—For someone who is always busy and could use a little help with the housework. Run from a smartphone, it’s smart enough to zip around the floors picking things up.

electronic gifts

Lifestyle Tech

  • Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Sport Earbuds—Perfect for the athlete in your life, these waterproof and wireless buds will stay put during any kind of physical endeavor. Aside from audio capabilities, they also track your heart rate. The truly wireless revolution was launched in 2017, and several popular headphone brands have released truly wireless headphones in recent months.
  • Apple Watch 3—Just released in the fall of 2017, this is at the top of everyone’s wish list.
  • Native Union—The Native Union’s Marble Edition dock offers an elegant way to charge your Apple Watch.
  • Nintendo Switch—Currently Nintendo’s flagship console, it was released in March of 2017, but might still be hard to find this holiday season due to high demand. It can transition from a mobile gaming device to a home gaming console by simply docking to a station.
  • Raden Luggage—Raden Smart Luggage has been deemed the Apple of luggage—its rechargeable battery, USB ports and integrated luggage scale connect to the Raden mobile app.


wellness gifts

Wellness Gifts

To many, the upcoming new year symbolizes a fresh start, so the popularity of wellness and fitness items is on the rise.

  • Ellia Diffuser and Essential Oils—The growing demand for more organic remedies and home products isn’t slowing down. An essential oils diffuser can be used for any number of wellness purposes, from fighting illness to relaxation and pain relief.
  • Trek Fat Tire Bike—Fat Tire bikes have become a popular choice for consumers. Due to the larger tires, you can ride when and where you couldn’t normally with a road or mountain bike.


nostalgic gifts

Nostalgic Items

Looking back on our younger years, thinking about the games we played or the music we listened to, makes us feel something. Nostalgia Marketing was a term coined to couple that feeling with modern relevance.

  • Polaroid Instant Cameras—These cameras instantly print your photos in the moment so you can keep tangible memories from your fun experiences.
  • Art of Shaving or Shave Clubs—Turn your everyday shave into an experience with a luxurious Art of Shaving customized shave set. Or, save time by getting your razors and accessories delivered to your door every month with a custom shave club such as Dollar Shave Club or Harry's.
  • Super Nintendo NES Classic—This throwback tech is ready to plug into your TV and play. The system is also preloaded with many of your favorite games, like Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter.


American Red Cross and Arbor Day Foundation logos

Charitable Giving

Philanthropy is always a top holiday trend.

  • Hurricane Relief—Hurricanes are devastating to all those affected. Make a difference by donating to the American Red Cross to provide shelter, food and comfort to families that need it.
  • Arbor Day Gift a Tree—A tree seedling is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Support the Arbor Day Foundation and make a contribution to a healthier environment by choosing a spruce or pine tree.


‘Tis the Season to Show Your Genuine Gratitude

With a holiday e-gift solution by ITA Group, you have the ability to offer a selection of trending gifts your people can choose from. Themselves. The best part is, our catalog featuring the season’s hottest picks is diverse enough to fit your audience’s demographics and your desired holiday spend.

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Be the Reason You’re in the know. Latest insights. Cool resources. Direct to your inbox. SUBSCRIBE TODAY