Grab Your Event by the Horns. No Bull.

Jill Anonson
Jill Anonson

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I don’t have to tell you the real value of an event runs deeper than menu and venue. Events are strategic, with people to please. A brand to uphold. Goals and objectives to meet. And the formers can’t happen without the latter. 

You’d be surprised to learn just how truly lost companies can be when it comes to running large events and meetings. How many times event goals and objectives aren’t clear. And don’t line up with a company’s overall strategic priorities. 

Download this strategic events worksheet, so that doesn’t happen to you.

You probably have multiple goals driving your next event—building brand awareness, training, strengthening customer loyalty. But the most important goal you should have is generating results and momentum for your company. That’s priority number one. 

So get a firm grip on your company’s core objectives, top marketing messages and competitive differentiators. Make sure they play out in your event—through environmental branding, executive remarks, keynote speakers, break-out sessions, planned opportunities for executive interaction, social media, etc. 

Moving on, here are thought-starters when it comes to setting and achieving event goals and objectives. 

  1. Why are you really holding this event? 
  2. What is the takeaway for event attendees? How should they feel? What action should they take?
  3. What event data do you need to define success? Are you setting up benchmarks that justify cost? 
    • Unique registrations
    • Qualified leads
    • Registrant conversion rate
    • Participant satisfaction
    • Training scores
    • Incremental sales
  4. Are you looking at ROI? And, equally as important—ROE (Return on Engagement)?
  5. Are you leveraging social media before, during and after your event? It’s a critical way to measure the buzz created by your event and future brand loyalty.
  6. Evaluation isn’t a one-shot deal. It should be happening regularly. Remember to ask that tough question, “Is this event generating a return and driving momentum for the company?”

At the end of the day, this event is yours. Own it. Realize greater results with clearly defined objectives and a tether to your organization’s strategic path. The right event partner can help you navigate the complexity that comes along with large events. Check out our strategic event solutions for more ideas on how to make your event an experience and inspire a little FOMO in your event attendees. 

Jill Anonson

Jill Anonson

Jill Anonson has over 20 years of diverse experience in event management, incentive travel and sales strategy, and serves as the Events Strategy Advisor at ITA Group. Focused on continuous improvement and challenging standards, she consults clients and team members with impactful strategies and innovative ideas that deliver successful business outcomes. She is a Certified Engagement Practitioner, and certified through Pragmatic Marketing.