Gartner ReimagineHR Conference: Sneak Peek at Some Things We’re Excited About

Christina Zurek
Christina Zurek

Christina Zurek speaking at Gartner ReimagineHR in 2018

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending Gartner’s North American ReimagineHR event where I also presented the first-look at our groundbreaking new research about the impact of social psychology on employee engagement. Soon, I’ll be heading down to Orlando to attend again; I've a lot to look forward to.

While there were many takeaways from last year’s event, one particular theme stood out: an enhanced focus on employee experience would be a top priority in the years to come. I’m excited to hear more from other attendees about how they’ve put this focus in to practice, but am also really interested to see what comes from this year’s theme: The Future of Work.

For many, this theme brings to mind images of robots, automation and artificial intelligence. And while technological advancement will certainly impact how work is done, there are many other fundamental changes that will impact what work looks and feels like in the future. I look forward to hearing from Gartner analysts on this topic and, if it’s like last year, (and I hope it is!), it will be three days full of energetic speakers, all of whom share informative and insightful data from their recent research.

Not only am I looking forward to compelling stats and new approaches to consider, I’m excited about the collaborative learning that takes place among the HR leaders who attend. This year, I’m especially excited that I’ll get front-row access to that collaboration as I lead a roundtable discussion on strategies to engage and retain top talent. Keep an eye out for my post-event recap where I’ll showcase some of the great ideas that are shared.

If you’ll also be attending the 2019 ReimagineHR Conference, I’d love to see you there! In addition to the roundtable session, you can find us at the ITA Group booth (#313) in the Exhibit Showcase. We’ll be taking a look at the importance of personalizing your employee experience so your team members connect and align with your company.

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Christina Zurek

Christina Zurek

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