Finding the Lowest Common Denominator

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Look across any organization, and you see dozens—if not hundreds—of similar (but different) initiatives when it comes to motivation. They are similar because they motivate specific people to do specific things, and are aligned with a strategy and goal. They are different in many ways—from the program name to the motivators being leveraged to the funding parties, and finally, to the results expected. Your training group wants increased engagement. Channel management craves earlier participation in the sales process. A direct sales team needs to move new product this quarter, or maybe bundle with service or finance packages. 

Here’s where it gets really complicated. Marketing teams in product, service and finance departments all have funds. And they all want in on that new initiative. But they don’t want to lose their message or ROI—they want to see how their dollars impact the bottom line. But how?

I found the answer in my past work as a software developer. When coding, it’s great to remember the “Single Responsibility Principle,” which keeps complex systems manageable by breaking tasks down into the smallest possible solution. You then build your components to do one thing and do it really well. One piece of code should handle calculation, another should address communicating between systems, a third actually displays the results. When you approach the problem in this manner, an amazing thing happens. You find the second piece—the one communicating—can do so much more. It’s no longer about communicating one message, but all messages can be handled by that one component.

When tackling the enterprise challenge I mentioned above, you can apply the same principle. Consider all the initiatives currently in operation, and all the departments involved, and find the common thread. They all have people and points. If you can capture and track all that information in one place, you can do so much more. 

  • You can combine points across initiatives, regardless of billing or taxation strategy, because you can apply those rules within that common component.
  • You can more easily share this core information with analysts looking to understand your people or the points they’ve earned.
  • You can answer the challenges around ROI while leaving the messaging, branding and engagement to other parts of the solution.

In short, the enterprise that leverages motivation strategies to make a difference, needs an aggregate view of their people and the points they are earning. 

ITA Group has the innovative technology to give organizations that view. Our patent-pending point bank technology gives you real-time tracking and reporting on point issuance by department, vendor, outside partner, etc.