Finding Balance: Wellbeing Tips Through Every Stage of Life

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women with yoga mat

Engaging in physical activity, eating healthy and taking precautions not to get sick are obvious components to your wellness, but other areas also should be considered. For example, spiritual and mental wellness play a role in your health and wellbeing.

The stage of life you’re in can have a huge impact on how you’re able to care for yourself. As we continue through Employee Wellbeing Month, we asked some of our ITA Group Team Members how they take time out of their day for self-care and personal wellbeing.

“Being a mom and working is like having two full-time jobs! I have found over the years that carving time out for myself each day is super important and helps me keep my sanity! My ‘me’ time happens between the hours of 4:08–6:25 a.m. Why so specific? I’ve got it down to fine science. I attend a 5 a.m. CrossFit class at least three times per week and in order to make it to class on-time, I need to wake up at 4:08 a.m. The time spent driving to/from the gym alone in my car is pretty amazing. It gives me time to pray and mentally prepare for the day. The work out is great too, but above all, the fact that I’m putting me first to be the best I can for my family and my team members at work is my number one priority.”

Amy Thacker

“My physical and emotional health are very important to me, and I find that having check-ins with myself every day can be very beneficial. If I’m feeling off, it’s likely because one of those areas needs some attention. Physically, I like to be active, and I’m not selective about how I get moving. Whether that’s yoga, taking my dog (and husband) for a walk, or going for a quick run around the neighborhood—they all get the job done. I do my best to stay tapped in to my emotional needs too. I am an introverted extrovert. I absolutely love being social, but need time to be by myself as well. Finding that balance can be a challenge, but I try to make time once or twice a week to do something alone. Sometimes that’s binge watching one of my favorite TLC shows, other times it’s sitting outside on our deck with a cold brew. I’ve learned that when I get time alone each week to recharge, I have much more energy to do the other things I love.”

Paige Draheim

“My wellbeing is comprised of mental, emotional and physical care. They are all intertwined in a lot of ways that I choose to spend my evenings and weekends. I like to be outdoors, active, and with my husband or close friends. I practice a lot of outdoor activities year round—walking, trail running, canoeing, biking, fly fishing, camping, hiking and gardening. I feel the most balanced when I am exploring nature, and it’s a bonus when I get to experience it with my community. I personally do not enjoy typical gym work out options, so I opt to be part of a yoga studio in my neighborhood and our local rock climbing gym. I try to continually learn and research by reading books and articles on a variety of topics. I also enjoy hands-on hobbies that take mental capacity. I have time in this season of my life to get plenty of sleep, prepare and eat healthy foods, and devote a lot of attention to my spiritual life. Taking care of these areas of life helps me to stay focused and devoted to my work in the office.”

Emily Gilbert

“I have been a passionate Yogi for years. Yoga guides me to clear my mind and be present, while also getting in a great physical workout. With two little ones at home and a full day of work, a morning Yoga routine is often the only ‘me time’ I’ll get all day. I love to practice outside when the Iowa weather allows—fresh air, mindfulness, and a workout—it’s all a body needs. Namaste! (Which means, “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you”—how beautiful is that?!).”

Ashley Mays

“I enjoy starting my day using two apps: Headspace and Lumosity. Both give me a jump start on the day and provide great mental clarity. Headspace is a meditation app and for me, was a great place to start with meditation. It’s taught me the essentials of meditation and mindfulness in quick 10-minute sessions, which I love. Lumosity is a brain training app that gives you 50+ cognitive games created by scientists and game designers. Each day is a different series of games. It’s fun to try and beat my previous score. Unlike other game apps, Lumosity makes we feel like I’m doing something good for myself each time I play. Bonus: Both offer free membership options.”

Kristine Forret

As we continue through the month of June, be sure to check back for more insights on health and wellbeing. And if you haven’t already, check out our Employee Wellbeing calendar for a month of ideas that will keep you happy, productive and engaged with your friends, family and coworkers.