Technology: The “New Normal” in Event Planning

ITA Group
ITA Group

“Mobile,” “social” and “cloud” are terms everyone is familiar with, not just IT folks. Event attendees are becoming savvier every day. So when they attend meetings and events, the event technology transition must be seamless.

Current event technology expectations:

  • Event attendees expect a personalized, participatory meeting experience—content, peer collaboration, customized communication. They expect the type of connectivity they have in their everyday lives. And then some.
  • Don’t expect event attendees to unplug. For anything. They expect to be connected at all times. Free Wi-Fi is quickly becoming standard. They want to have access to their work wherever, whenever.
  • Event Attendees expect to handle all of the “housekeeping” on the go, like check-ins and outs, as well as itinerary management. 

That means the focus has shifted a bit for event planners. In addition to logistics and venues, event technology is now driving the attendee journey. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. (But be careful, some generations think high-tech is highly overrated.)  

  • Know your demographic well and how savvy attendees are. It’s imperative. How do participants choose to receive information?
  • Event strategy must reach early to late technology adopters.
  • Investments in event technology should be vetted against the overall value and budget of an event. 
  • The use of technology enables event planners to gather valuable event data, 
  • Analyze that data, then leverage it as insight gained for the next event. 
  • Surveying can be done instantly and efficiently before, during and after an event, improving the event’s impact.

Event planners are constantly striving to wrap event technology around an event to build excitement and engagement. For example, mobile event apps connect attendees to each other and their event in a very unique way. Mobile event apps do everything from socialize an entire travel experience to keep attendees on schedule and informed about their destination and its highlights. 

Mobile event app perks:

  • Fast event check-in 
  • Event attendee chat groups for better networking, interaction
  • Personalized agendas, menus, customized event content
  • Highly experiential events—crowdsourcing, crowd sharing 
  • Better distribution of detailed destination highlights: restaurants, tourist attractions, nightlife and more 
  • Navigation of an event destination and instant connections with event staff for assistance 

The event management industry is all about meeting personal expectations—everything from food to amenities to transportation. And now, technology. Even with a group event, technology ensures an individualized experience. And that creates valuable loyalty to your brand. See how you can create an incredible onsite event experience so attendees are exposed to your message on all platforms before, during and after your event.