Distributors: Drive Channel Loyalty With Data

Maggie Wenthe
Maggie Wenthe

Distributor data analysis with laptop and tablet

Looking to stay relevant and earn channel loyalty in the ultra-competitive, ever-changing world that is distribution today? Look to your data. Or data intelligence, rather. The information housed within your CRM and financial systems is a goldmine of intel and tells the best stories of where and how you can market more strategically—and be the hero for the valued supplier partners and customers within your channel.

Consider This Piece of Data

Manufacturers set aside more than $50 billion annually for distributor co-op and market development funds, and nearly 50% of those funds go unused.

So stop sitting on the goldmine and start using the intel to help secure those funds. We can tell you how.

Download Our Ebook and Drive Channel Loyalty

The book features three profitable ways to leverage your data and drive loyalty in distribution. After all, staying relevant in today’s ultra-competitive distribution climate comes from data and the differentiating intel it offers. Drive channel loyalty now.

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Maggie Wenthe

Maggie Wenthe

Maggie strives to help the world understand the power behind personalized motivation that aligns people with business goals to drive powerful results. As the leader of Marketing Strategy at ITA Group, she analyzes market trends to develop world-class solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies motivate and engage their employees, channel partners and customers. She is certified through the Incentive Marketing Association, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, as well as Pragmatic Marketing Level VI. Between marketing and three little boys, Maggie doesn't have free time. But when she can find a few minutes, she loves listening to audiobooks on marketing, business and sci fi thrillers.